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June 2, 2018

Floral Arrangement Workshop.

Well, most of us doesn’t know that floral arrangement is one of the important skill that have been fading off due to the technology and time.  It is a basic skill that every ladies should master, along with proper table placement and etiquette.Have you noticed that most of the floral arrangement hide a meaning behind it and the art of arranging is depending on the person characteristics? I believe most of us haven’t move on the Royal Wedding that had happened last week; Harry and Meghan Markle.  Do you know in by the end of the eighteenth century and early nineteenth century in England bouquets of flowers and herbs were carried by a bride, looking for all the world as if they had just simply been gathered from a nearby field or meadow. Each of the bouquet arrangement symbolized charming , delicate, symbolizing both purity, and new life. They were often bound by a ribbon or wound together by ivy, representing two hearts being interwoven as one.

flower arrangement royal wedding

The all white collection of flowers features blooms that Prince Harry picked including Forget-Me-Nots which were Diana, Princess of Wales’s favorite flower, sweet peas, lily of the valley, astilbe, jasmine, and astrantia. ( Mix between herbs and flowers) .

Floral Design Styles are both classic and evolving. Many classic styles were established thousands of years ago and are seemingly timeless. Seen the revolving hand bouquet by the England Royal wedding. From the bunch to minimal design. Other classic styles have nearly disappeared in usage; however they continue to influence the evolving styles that are popular today. So,recently, I’ve joined one of the floral workshops in Kuala Lumpur , Floratorie that offers current trend floral arrangement with interesting various of styles.



Floratorie teaches flower arrangement at their workshop in monthly basis – including group workshops domestically and internationally, private classes at Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru & Singapore.They normally would do a private floral workshop once in a month and based on the availability. Basically, the reason why I said “private class” is because the number of people in the class conducted is between 3-6 pax and it is kinda interactive class. Every of us have given a chance to show our skill, ask questions to the instructor, personal advise and most importantly, we had so much fun!!! But, if you have any further inquiries on the workshop, you may ask them directly.





Gained Confidence
The biggest thing I gained from the workshop was confidence.Have you face the situation where you have the flowers but do not know how to trim it? You feel scared to cut the stem and clueless in arraging the flowers? YES! I’d face the same situation and doubting whether or not I still knew what I was doing. By attending the workshop, I was reminded how important the foundation of knowledge, color arrangement and believe in ourselves that arranging the flower is about our personality, us, everyone would decor differently cause we are all human, unique in our own way.



Two -way interaction
The great thing about Catie ( the instructor) is she is around the whole workshop; she didn’t just teach and leave, she do practical and briefing at once so that we gained knowledge faster. She was available to chat one-on-one and answer specific questions.


A mix of Passion, Excitement and Eager to learn
If you are having trouble deciding whether or not to join the upcoming Floratorie workshop, I can tell you first hand that YOU SHOULD! The workshop was invaluable both from a design perspective as well as a personal skill development. I’ve never experience in learning floral arrangement until I attended this workshop. Kinda interesting and I just realised that I’ve skill in decorating / arranging flowers after 27 years breathing on earth. haha! I do learnt so much new things in floral arrangement til it excites me even more ,in arranging flowers in the future.

If you are interested to join the fun class, you may check out their instagram page and ask them for more info:-IMG_5510

Website: https://www.floratorie.com/
Instagram : @floratorie.co

Thank you for reading! Muah!

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