ENCHANTEUR 24H Moist & Satin Smooth Perfumed Body Lotion Review

April 1, 2018

LOTION that suits Asian skin. It’s my current favorite body lotion! 

When it comes to what we put on our faces, we would invest on the latest anti-aging cream, whitening cream, glowing magic cream that promises to work miracles on those complexion in a short time. And yes, sometimes we believe and spend far too much time dutifully performing the skin regime. Frankly speaking I wasn’t a person who really care about the skin ( Alhamdullilah, so far I don’t really have skin problem except for minor eczema) but recently due to age factor ( well, approaching 3 series soon) my skin is getting drier and need much more attention than before. I started to use full skin care regime and of course body part, I applying lotion once in two days especially legs part.

Due to that, I started to try few body lotions and feel like sharing some feedback. I’ve been using 3 bottles of Enchanteur Moist Perfumed body lotion for this several months since November 2017 (*p/s: I brought one bottle and pour it heavenly onto the body due to the weather changes)  and so far I’m liking it. It is now my third bottle and might continue use the other scents too. * will keep you updated in insta-story. Don’t forget to follow my instagram @wiiidaribbon

My TOP 3 Enchanteur preferred perfumed body lotion :-

1. Satin Smooth -Stunning

enchanteur body lotion stunning2. 24 Hours- Alluring

enchanteur body lotion alluring 13.  24 Hours -Charming

enchanteur body lotion charming

If you are asking me which one is my favorite, I’m gonna tell you all these three are my favorites. BUt of course most of you won’t believe me, but why don’t you give a try? …I would recommend you to start with Alluring   24 hours moist lotion which is contains Rose Water, White Lily Extract and Pure Olive Oil for nourished and healthy skin. It has  seductive fragrance of Rose and Iris enhanced with creamy Vanilla to give your skin tender extra care. ha gituuuu~ for some reason it gives me relaxing kinda feeling.


Not everyone enjoy scented lotion but for my family, all of them are liking it. The scent reminds me of my late grandmother. For some reason, everyone in the family can guess the scent and would immediately ask ” ni lotion enchanteur eh? bau macam Arwah tok Yam”. That is the signature of Enchanteur product range.

What I liked about it the most is the “fragrance”, which it creates impressive scentful impression. The scent lasts up to 7 hours on my body, not really sure on others, depending on type of skin and body heat.

Although the lotion has different type of moisturizing level and whitening function, but after trying out these three bottles, I found they are almost similar. They are moist and works perfectly to reduce my skin dryness/ itchiness due to overly dry skin condition.

You can get the product at  nationwide Watsons/ Guardian / supermarket

Price: ~ RM 12


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