Glitters Tears Makeup tutorial (Malaysian Beauty Blogger)

October 12, 2017

I’m back with more tutorials. Overly excited to play with makeup and polishing my videography plus editing skill. :P. Pretty hard to edit the video using limited knowledge skill in windows and software besides the hindrance of my 5 years old pink laptop.

Okay, back to the makeup, it might not be your preferable event makeup but sometimes we need to have fun and twist the art of makeup. Thus, here you go, the outcome of my unidentified makeup art skill is forming Glitters tears makeup, representing iron ladies around the world. 

Ladies are strong in and out. They are a mother, a wife, a daughter and a career woman. Committed to work and personal responsibilities. Sometimes women does think too much ( well, I normally classify it as overthinking) and worry something that they shouldn’t be. This is because “women care” and “love” everyone around her regardless who they are ( office-mate, kids, husband, parents, siblings, and the list could be endlessness) .

No one is able to see a lady tears, especially a mother. A mother’s tears is the most priceless pearl tears. Women hide their miserable and sorrow feeling deeply behind that smiling face. All the depression and the dumps are neatly kept in their heart and mind, but not the expression. This is the reason why I am so inspired doing this makeup look. Glitters tears makeup could be the second face of all women. Let-off the tears, don’t keep it into the heart and release all those worries and grief because we , women deserve to be happy. Smiling without faking it off and do what we want without thinking what people say about us. REDUCE the negative judges towards women.

In conjunction of Mental Health Day (October 10) , I’ve created this look, admonish on women depression and ring a bell to everyone telling, women are strong but never take it for granted. There are depression in every smiling although it never been expressed. Yes, Smiling is the best cosmetics ever but most women trying to hide their sorrow from the loved ones.

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