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October 2, 2017

It’s gonna be a very quick , short simple and honest personal review on Fenty Beauty Trophy Wife ( A very hype up highlighter from Fenty Beauty By Rihanna Cosmetics line that recently had launch in September last month.  Please bear in your mind that this review is an honest review and I did purchase the product by myself without any third parties influence / didn’t incurred any other beauty bloggers’ opinions also. It’s all from the bottom of my heart .

For those who never heard of “Fenty Beauty”, it is actually a new cosmetics line by Rihanna. This celebrity cosmetic line was launched concurrently in all Sephora Worldwide stores. In Malaysia, the launch event was held at Sephora KLCC Branch and attended by well-known local Make Up Artists (MUA) , celebrities and of course I can see some of Influencers were also joining lighting up the event and spread the wings of launch news in social media platforms.

The cosmetics line launch marketing strategy was superb in my opinion, cause it does draws all makeup geeks in all ages especially through social media. Everyone was talking about the cosmetics line for weeks and surprisingly even me, I did drop by Sephora on the first day launch later at evening just to take a look and swatch all the products. Well, my first impression was : “The price of this beauty line is not bad, ah?”. ( Well, of course I compared the price with Make Up Forever , Urban Decay and many more . cosmetics price nowadays are keep rose so badly up to ridiculous amount, seriously! . I still remember one palette of Naked Urban Decay used to cost around Rm 150 and now, it is impossible to get in that range. Pwehh.

Anyway, without further due, let me simplify the review on Trophy Wife.

Everyone was saying The Trophy Wife Killawatt is “too yellow” or “too golden” and doesn’t suit as “face products”. Most of the people are saying, it is supposedly be “eyeshadow” glitter product instead of highlighter.

Do you want to know something??

At first, I also have no confident wearing this on cheeks. For me, it is too glittery and exposed (I might not using it if I buy it). But I was wrong.


Luckily, I bought it and try it by myself. I’m glad that I paid Rm145 for a good , high quality , blinding highlighter.

WHY? let the photos speak and do it’s justice. 

IMG_20170930_175714 (1)


Rose free icon      Formulation

I must shout “AAAAA-MAAAA-ZING!”

One swipe of the highlighter on the cheek could blinded people easily. It is a very pigmented product, easy to blend and of course the glitters are not too chunky and at the same time, it gives very glamorous, vogue looking glowy skin.

The product could be controlled by blending it well. If you fele it is too yellow, you could blend the product and make it slightly fade off.

IMG_20170930_175709 (1)



In this photo you could see a slight golden sheen on the cheeks and I do feel awesome about it. Some people would think the color is too prominent but for me, it is gorgeous. I am still obsessed with it and it would turn very good if you put /spray some face mist on the brush. it would pick up more products and trust me, you are ready to rock the world with that glowy pretty sheen on the cheek!

IMG_20170930_175658 (1)

VID_20170930_175750 (1)





Price: RM 145, pretty reasonable with the high quality result .


Rose free icon Packaging

it is in white pearl Octagon shape compact powder highlighter with a good mirror in it. Sleek and travel -friendly. Simple and classy.

Overall, I really like the product formulation, the shade is unique and wearable. I could rate it as 4/5 , superb! I’m currently putting this highlighter into my top 3 highlighter products and still can’t get over of it although I’ve been using it for like 3 weeks already?
If you are still hesitate to buy it, I would say, shut it off and JUST BUY! Nothing to regret. Trust me. You gonna fall in love with it like I do.

Alright girls, thank you for reading. If you are new to my blog , you might wanna check out my instagram cause I normally update my lifestyle and makeup review on insta-story as well as instagram.

If you have any questions, you may email me at See you in the next post! Bye bye! Have a great week ahead!

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