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NYX Liquid Crystal Liner Review

July 29, 2017

God of glitters,
Who doesn’t love glitters? Now NYX Cosmetics had officially launched their first concept store in Malaysia at IOI Mall Putrajaya & Sogo KL with full range of NYX products that can’t be found in Sephora.

Now people can enjoy the inexpensive glitter eyeliners within the budget pick. Spicing up the look by adding in color glitters line on the eyes replacing the boring eyeliner pencil. The applicator for this glitter liners are come with slim bristle that able people to control, build able and get precise line with the brush.

It’s pretty painful and almost similar to Urban Decay Heavy Metal liner. The glitter runs towards being tamer when compared to the likes of Urban Decay Heavy Metal Liners since it’s a finer texture of glitter and not as chunky.


nyx glitter liner

nyx glitter liner 2

From left to the right: Crystal Gold,    Crystal Hip,      Crystal Onyx,    Crystal Aqua,    Crystal Jade,    and Crystal Silver


Some shade need to apply few application in order to get opaque pigmentation/ color. *(I found Shade Hip need to apply more stroke of glitters yet build able)

There are nearly way more drugstore glitter eyeliners than there are high end popular liners. Frequently, they’re rated even higher than the more expensive ones. Plus, glitter liners are way less painful to try when they’re inexpensive.


nyx glitter liner 1

From left to the right:   Crystal Silver ,  Crystal Jade,      Crystal Aqua,    Crystal Onyx,     Crystal Hip,   and  Crystal Gold         

nyx glitter liner 4

What do you think? So far I feel it is a worth product especially when you are looking for glitter liners. Why not?  🙂

Thank you for reading, see you in the next post! Muah!

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