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July 25, 2017

With the catchy tagline Shake & Illuminate, the Melvita Nectar Blanc Brightening Duo -Oil catches my attention to give this hype-up product a try.
It’s a gentle- no rinse booster that exfoliates the skin with its complex of AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid: a plant-based lactic acid)  for smooth and radiance skin. It is works as a booster after toner and before applying the moisturiser. (kindly refer to “step” section for clearer guideline)

Eyelashes premium icon    Step 

  1. Cleanse your face
  2. Apply Toner-/ serum-lotion ( Mine I use toner)
  3. Use this amazing Melvita Nectar Blanc Brightening Duo -Oil & water ( This product also can be mixed with foundation to achieve smooth and glowy makeup look
  4. Apply your current favorite moisturizer

Eyelashes premium icon    Ingredients

The Melvita Nectar Blanc Brightening Duo -Oil contains 25% of Oil and 75% of water which is a perfect ration for healthy skin barrier. For some reason, i feel it doesn’t give tacky or greasy texture in fact it absorbs immensely onto the epidermis. A part of oils ingredients contain the following extracts;


                       White Star Lily Extract                        –It is to prevent melanin formation, reducing stress-induced dark spots.


                      Natural Vitamin C from Japan          –Vitamin C is high in antioxidant properties and lighten pigmentation


                      White Lily Oil                                            –Rich in Omega 6 to brighten and care for skin.


Eyelashes premium icon  Direction how to use

Use morning and /or evening as a precare

Shake to mix the 2 phases, spray into the palm of the hand, then apply to skin, massaging in with the fingertips. (One of my favorite method of using it, is by mixing with foundation or  alone early in the morning before applying any foundation. )


Eyelashes premium icon  Result on  Test 

*1-month use test conducted under dermatological supervision on 31 women of Asian

(age between 25-55 years old)  50% with sensitive skin & origin with dull complexions.

Result: 94% Naturally Glowing & Texture Refined with 89% people.

Eyelashes premium icon  Review

I was pretty surprised with the result. It makes my skin less dull and helps to promote the skin glow as well as hydrated. ( Well, most of oil skincares does not really work on me but unlike this oil, it works on me.-Please be advised that skincare works differ on complexion due to weather and type of skin.)
I normally use it at night, massage thoroughly in 5 minutes before heading to sleep. Do I apply any moisturiser afterwards? Nope, but depends on your skin condition. Like mine, I did not apply any moisturizer as I feel my skin is already completely dewy and subtle.

Price: RM150 (50ml)


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