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What’s in my bag ? -2017 edition

July 2, 2017

Handbag is one of the most important accessories in my life and all those necessities are mostly in it. I love carrying around my handbag and wish it is similar to Doraemon magic pockets. Bigger the handbag, more items in it for sure.

I have few favorite handbags and every year I love to buy a new handbag , majorly birthday gift to myself annually. p/s: it’s a clue for you to give me a new handbag 😛 For some reasons, I love Michael Kors brand specifically for the reason of design, size, compartments, color selection , quality and other factors that attract me of getting MK.


Bare Necessities

“Throughout my day , working in the office, outdoor and casual outing,  I love a medium size handbag that could hold everything I need for my daily work  And the most uncomfortable thing is having the handbag straps. I prefer shoulder handbag / the strap is thin and average wide in size ( may refer to the photo).


Selfie Queen

I have a Huawei P9 Plus. It is a good camera for taking beautiful selfie which is important to me because I always love taking photos (roughly 5000 photos per month). sounds crazy? it’s a fact.

Side Zip Compartment

  1. Hair ties – You never know when you need this and it could be everywhere. Always went missing.
  2. Tissues – If you know me, I never had tissues in my handbag, and only recently keep it after fed up been asking so many times “Why you never have tissue in my handbag?, Girls should have tissue in their handbag. Here you go… 🙂 “
  3. Office Keys
  4. Name Tag & Office ID card


random hair ties

The lanyard is from Typo.

Button Compartment

  1. Earphone
  2. USB cable

I put these two items together into one compartment so that I am able to reach them easily without digging into my bag.

Main Compartment

  1. Kate Spade Purse
  2. 5000 mAh Romoss powerbank – it’s a very light powerbank, got it from Kedai Ustaz Kota Damansara
  3. My only phone
  4. portable usb fan
  5. Gums

Side Compartments

Beauty Stuff

I don’t go anywhere without lipstick. I don’t care if my eyebrows aren’t done or I have no makeup on, but I always, always use lipstick to make sure I don’t look pale. Hand sanitizer and lotion are also a must thing to carry around in my handbag.


I need to carry all these around incase anyone need it. My God! Macam mak-mak dah.

  1. Panadol ( paracetamol)
  2. Charcoal
  3. Tigerbalm
  4. Ponstan


Name Card, earings (have no idea how this pair ended up in my handbag) , pens, and sunglasses.

Earings from Lovisa

   Swarovski in champagne color.


For some reasons, I feel good sharing “What’s in my bag” post with you as I doing it, I also cleaning up my bag, and make sure, I don’t keep unnecessary items such as receipts and plastics. I have shared mine, how about you? What’s in your handbag? Feel free to share yours as I believe most of us love to see what’s others having in their handbag. Should I reduce the quantity of items in my bag? Or, should should I bring more makeup ?

Thank you for reading ! 

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