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I’m Back ! Hello 2017.

June 15, 2017



Hello 2017!

Feel good after getting my “hacked” blog back! Pweehh..

I’m back after hiatus for quite sometimes. Probably few months now and I’m officially back! Miss typing out beauty reviews, talk about makeup and stuff. Passion in writing up an article on beauty is inseparable, blogging for interest and sharing information is my true hobby and love. Started in the middle of 2012, I was fresh, total basic internet user, created a blogger account with nonsense shares. Haha. I wish I could hide all those write ups.

Feel like hiding my face when I read all those..

Started with empty plain template blog, writing up about my innocent student life, passion on makeup & beauty stuff including tips on DIYs. There were not many beauty bloggers/ youtubers/ insta-famous/ even makeup artists back then. such a small group of beauty bloggers.  It’s only a minority of beauty addicts &makeup hoarder.  Makeup is not “that”popular in Malaysia back then, still remember, everyone doesn’t know what is “SEPHORA’ all about, and even the imported brands were limited , local brands were almost invisible.

Please excuse for missing from the blogging world. I just had tough cycle in life, from career, life romantic conflicts, life management, seeking for better direction, religion and concept of happiness. It nearly broke me down.
I felt somewhere in the journey, I lost myself, self-esteem in chaos.

Allah has arranged a better journey for my life. I believe Life is not a destination,it’s a journey. You have been giving a choice to draw and decide what to plot into your diary. Everything is in your hand.

Dreams, life, family, career, entertainment, everything is in myself. 
I’ve been plotting in positive vibes slowly into my mind, heart by readings and surrounded by  positive people.
Scheduling new life arrangement.
Although the main original plan has been screwed but it won’t ended there.
I’m ready to learn, opening space and ready to accept unexpected things in life.
Simple advise from friends but when I think twice, it does makes sense. 

“If you love wearing heels, go ahead! Don’t hide it, be yourself, wear it!”

“If you love work and less giving attention to yourself, continue it, you would feel great about yourself for being productive”

“If you want to EAT THAT, JUST EAT IT there’s no restriction except for forbidden haram food in islam.”

“No harm for having haters cause you know you are getting stronger , mankind are born hate seeing others success than themselves. Just be yourself, don’t afraid of making mistakes, learn from it.

“Wanna put complete makeup but care about what people say? NO! Just do it, that is what you love, love yourself and listen to yourself. After all, “people” won’t appreciate whatever you are doing to please them and left regrets”. 

By end of the day, you know whats you were doing are rights and never regrets for the deeds. You can’t pleased everyone in this world yet, please take care of yourself at least. 

Happiness is in you. 

Blogging somehow is a good rehab from the hectic world, sharing your knowledge and communicating virtually somehow it could be one of the stress relieve methods.

Thank you for  reading  <3

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