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Cathydoll New Arrival – AA series, 3D Nefertiti Contour Kit,2 in 1 Vitamin Lip Tint & Gloss

October 18, 2016
Cathydoll recently brings in the newest innovation in face products of Automatic Aura (AA) Series. What does AA means? It represents the words of Anti-Acne and Anti-Aging. Great for Normal to oily skin condition with all-kind of benefits and skin care to the skin.

Cathydoll AA series cream 2

AA cream foundation provides incredibly lightweight texture like air . I feel like wearing nothing and comfortable to use for daily basis face makeup. The formula of “easy-to-blend’ delivers an aura complexion all day long with the Auto Aura, Anti-Acne and Anti-Aging effects. It provides perfect coverage and naturally smooth appearance to the skin.

Cathydoll AA series face cream

Besides that, it contains the benefit of Tea Tree Oil that helps to control oil and reduces the occurrence of acne; Korean Herb Extract that helps to fade off dark spots caused by acne, while Titanium Dioxide brighten skin tone and protects skin from dullness with 45x sunscreen protection benefit. This item is well-suited for every skin type including sensitive skin.
Packaging: Personally I like the color concept of AA Series; Metallic Tiffany Blue and Pink. which makes me feel like keeping the tube forever in my collection.
Direction: Apply this AA cream all over your face before blending this cream evenly for a smooth and brilliant complexion.
Price: RM39.90
SPF 45 PA ++, Weight: 50g , Made in Korea.

Cathydoll AA series matte cushion powder

Introducing the new formula , matte finishing AA cushion for an automatically aura complexion as desired. This oil-control formula comes with the latest innovative airy foundation technology to provide cooling sensation while delivering Auto Aura, airy foundation technology to provide cooling sensation while delivering Auto Aura, Anti- Acne , and Anti- Aging effects to the skin.

Moreover, this fascinating product contains Tea Tree Oil Extract that helps to reduce the occurrence of acne, Korean Herb Extract that helps to fade off marks and dark spots caused by acne, while the Titanum Dioxide helps to brighten skin tone for a natural smooth appearance , controls oil all day long and protects skin from dullness. This item is well-suited for every skin type including sensitive skin.

Cathydoll AA series cushion powder

Pretty Packaging with high quality cushion sponge.

Cathydoll AA series cushion powder 3

Love the pink label on the cushion sponge.

Cathydoll AA series cushion powder 2

The texture of the AA Matte Powder Cushion Oil Control is really soft, velvety and light-weight. The colour blends my complexion very well and making my face looks healthy without feeling oily or greasy , maintaining matte face.

9 Reasons why you need this product in your makeup bag :

  1. It has Auto Aura effect: Anti Acne, Anti Aging.
  2. It has whitening and brightening effect
  3. Nourishing skin for a healthy complexion
  4. Although it is light-weight cushion product, it does cover all of blemishes. Say yes to Flawless skin.
  5. When you apply the product onto the face, you would feel the amazing “cooling effect” which will drive you for more application.
  6. It has sun protection of SPF 50 PA +++, feel no worries to walk under the sun.
  7. Oil control
  8. 1 min quick step using the cushion puff method
  9. It even out the tone.

Packaging: THE COMBINATION OF PINK AND TIFFANY BLUE ARE MY ULTIMATE FAVORITE COLORS. Been waiting for this combination makeup packaging and now it is available from Cathydoll products , an affordable makeup brand. Now everyone need to have at least one AA series in their makeup bag.

How to use: Use the puff to press onto the cushion to absorb an appropiate amount to the foundation texture. Gently blend all over face skin evenly.

Price: RM55.90

Weight: 15g, SPF 50 PA +++



Cathydoll Contour kit


People keep asking me the best affordable product for contouring and how to contour for highlighting the feature of a face. Let’s create an instant easy 3 Dimension look perfectly with “Nefertiti Technic” from this contour kit. It contains special hand-picked colors of highlighter, blusher and bronzer all together in one friendly-travel packaging to help creating 3D effect; shaping the nose and jaw line.


Cathydoll Contour kit nefertiti


The selected colors matches all complexion from fair to medium complexion. This shade of Cleopatra Secret compact consists of warm bronzer color, pink-beam highlighter and a dupe of NARS Orgasm blusher shade which is amazingly great for all skin tone! Great news, if you are not afford to buy the high rave expensive product, try this shade out, I would ensure you gonna love it so much like I do.

Shade: Cleopatra Secret

Price: RM29.90, weight: 11 g.


Cathydoll lip tint & gloss

Last but not least, I save the best product for the last. The signature 2 in 1 Vitamin Tint and Gloss is my current lip product. It gives natural beautiful lip tint look on top of the great vitamin  anf L-Glutathione to offer maximum saturation. Enjoy the lasting tint along with the lovely shimmer gloss which is rich in L-Glutathione and helps to brighten dull lips for outstanding radiance! This worthy 2-in-1 lip tint and gloss is the one and only MUST-HAVE to achieve perfect pink kissable lips!

Do not be afraid that you may end up looking darker when applying pink shades because Cathy Doll has already hand-picked the best matching colors to brighten skin tone and give you the healthiest aura ever. It gives healthy glow look, 2 in 1 tint and gloss and delivers sweet-looking kissable lips. Muah!

p/s: It is also known as the remarkable lip tint and gloss to conceal all traces of dullness, recommended by leading korean makeup artist.

Shade: Red Cherry & Orange Sherbets

Price: RM25.90, weight: 4.5 g + 4g.

Where to get? : Available at Guardian Outlets Nationwide and E-Store.

Cathydoll makeup look 2

Makeup used 

Blusher, Bronzer and highlighter :  Cathydoll Nefertiti Contour Kit   ;

Foundation:   Cathydoll Matte AA cushion

Lipstick: Cathydoll 2 in 1 Vit C Tint & Gloss ( Orange Sherbets)

Mascara: Dolly Long Mascara


Cathydoll makeup look 3

Cathydoll makeup look 4

Cathydoll makeup look

What do you think? For personally thoughts, I would say Cathydoll is my favorite affordable makeup brand with cute packaging plus great products. Can’t wait for their new products!
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Thank you.

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