De’Wajah Skin Care Review (reduce the blemishes in 5 days!)

September 29, 2016

Jun Hair & Beauty (M) Sdn Bhd is a local company founded in the year 1989. Started from a small enterprise company, now De’Wajah has almost 300 stockists and distributors nationwide including Singapore and Brunei.

cleanser dewajah

1)  Cleanser

-For normal skin

It contains AHA & Vitamin E which it would help to moisturise the skin and remain fresh, clean all the day long without greasy.

Price: RM40.00 (130ml)/RM125.00 (500ml)

cleanser milk dewajah

2) Cleanser Milk

Change your life and shift the perception of removing makeup is so much easier by using the cleanser milk besides of supple skin.

Price: RM35.00 (200ml)/RM90.00 (500ml)

toner dewajah

3) Toner 

Refresh and restore skin balance as well as brigthening the skin.

Price: RM30.00 (200ml)/RM85.00 (500ml)

sunblock dewajah

4) Sunblock

Suits for dry and normal skin. It contains Natural floral essence , Vitamin E and C for moisturizing and brightening effect.

Price: RM60.00 (10gm)/RM130.00 (30gm)


anti aging formula-beauty cream dewajah

5) Night Cream | Beauty Cream 

It works for brightening the skin and removing the dead cell.

Price: RM60.00 (10gm)/RM130.00 (30gm)

Direction and Brief of using the products. 


1st Week

There would be minor skin peel off to remove the dead cell on the epidermis layer. In order to get a  soft baby skin result,   You may use the cleanser milk to remove the peel off skin .


1 month later
Continue using the products until it completely removed all the pigments, blemishes, scars and etc. Remember to use moisturiser to get a better skin look.


2-3 months after

Continue using the products. During this period, your face would look so much better and the outcome would be extremely satisfied!

Nightcream- Use 3-4 times in a week only! You may reduce the frequency of applying the beauty cream.


*Hotline : 03-5511 8519*
Whatsapp 1 : 019-317 8007
Whatsapp 2 : 019-2028 983
Whatsapp 3 : 016-2250 686
FB 1 : De’Wajah HQ
FB 2 : De’Wajah Online
Insta : @dewajah_online



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