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Lucido-L Hair Make Supplement Serum Review

September 17, 2016

Hair is one of the most essential elements on the body part. Sometimes my hair could be frizzy and untamed-able until people could call me homeless lady or even ‘hantu’ (ghost). Pewhh.. Hair coloring, perming, with those chemical could lead the hair to damage and looking dull . What a terrible feeling when you look at yourself at the mirror, makeup on point with new clothes and but the look is totally out due to bad hair day. HARGGGGGGH!

Like others typical beauty bloggers, we like to try random beauty products and share it with the readers. This time, I am pretty lucky for founding awesome hair serum at Watsons  by Lucido L. Personally I have quite a number of Lucido L. hair products from hair spray, the cute mini hair wax, hair heat protection spray and many more. They have a variety of products from oils, milk and multi choices of waxes! On top of that, their packaging is a win! Great A plus plus feminine packaging! In this review, I will cover few topics from different perspective and view of the product.


Lucido 1Result & Formulation of the product. 

If you have bad frizzy like mine, Great NEWS! I would say this serum is born for us!
It makes my hair softer, smoother , light and manageable. Despite my damage hair, the serum helps in locking the moist into the hair and transforming the my damaged dull hair to silky shiny hair. Now we can wake up with less frizzy , soft and manageable hair; somehow feel like just walk off from the salon. I absolutely love the texture of my hair after applying it and highly recommend you to give it a try.


Believe it or not, If anyone do a hair product survey , I would  give this hair serum full star rating and award for the BEST TRAVEL FRIENDLY packaging. It doesn’t leak, and safe to keep into the handbag, won’t leak at all! Bring it with confident and use it at anywhere you want. Sometimes, we might missed applying serum after the styling but feel no worries with Lucido L. Hair serum bestfriend keeping you looking good at anywhere you are.

How to use it?

  1. After Shower (Semi Wet hair) : Apply it after shower, while the hair is semi wet, the serum would help to smoothen the hair.
  2. After Hair style ( Dry Hair) : Apply it lightly onto the end of the Hair after styling in order to

Where to get? : Watsons store nationwide.

Price: Below RM 20.

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