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July 16, 2016

Every woman must have at least one lipstick in their purse and as a lipstick junkie, I just need a special case to store some of my favorite lipsticks of the month in one bag and bringing it along in handbag. I just can’t made up my mind in choosing the lips colors. Sometimes I probably use three to 4 different type of lipsticks and colors to spicy up my day. I guess it is normal for all girls to have one look complement with different lip colors.

This month I have been picking up few new lips products in the market which could be found from Watsons , Sephora, MAC Store & online. Continue reading to know more and will provide the details at each of the photos.


top lipsticks 10

top lipsticks 9

MAC Runway Hit Review

Peachy Nude lipstick – It’s my most favorite lipstick among MAC lipstick and have been using half of the tube already. I like to use it with pencil lip liner to create sexy, plump fuller lips like Kylie Jenner. The most perfect nude for me and if you know any color from Kylie’s collection that similar with this, please let me know. I might want to try it out ^^

Reminder: It is Matte formula, therefore you need to apply lipbalm before using it in order to get smoother application, nourished sexy lips. MUAH! haha. ( I don’t know about you but somehow I’m doing duck mouth pose automatically without attention when I say “Sexaaaay lips”.Pweh!)

Where can you get it: MAC Store Nationwide

top lipsticks 8

3CE Concept Eyes Dusty Coral Review

As per name, Dusty Dull Coral color that belongs to nude family member. Wow, must be a long story decedent mix family you have Dusty Coral. haha. Great for all lips color ; light and dark lips as the pigmentation is thick enough to

Reminder: It is Dangerous Matte formula, Think twice before apply ūüėõ Joking, Just remember to apply lipbalm and taking care of your lips before apply it. as a lazy bump like me, I would just apply it and confidently facing the world. Cewaah. Bantai je lah. But to get decent outcome, lip balm is a must ya sayang?

Where can you get it: Sephora Nationwide


top lipsticks 7

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor review

Colors: Flirt and Seduction

The most popular products of the month. So many people keep asking me weather “is it worth to buy? best tak? hows the formulation? Hows the color? pigmentation? Macam best je.. and so many more! ”
Overall, from my point of view, it doesn’t disappoint me.

  1. It has Velvet formula, soft texture and doesn’t dries up the lips ¬†in addiction of “light texture”. Feel like naked on the lips. To those who want “lipcream” but doesnt like heavy texture, then, this would be the best solution for you.
  2. Limited colors and always out of stock ;( Rarely found in stores and people keep asking me where did I get it? They thought I got it from overseas. Nay, Malaysia Watsons but most of the store already out of stock. REVLON, please restock fast! Malaysian Beauty junkies are dying to try your products. Won’t you feel pity to them? Searching all over Malaysia, from KL to balik Kampung also couldn’t be found. ;( They are dying! SOS! Help them Revlon. Please restock fast!
  3. Cute packaging, love the sleek rounded shape with matte plastic packaging. Feel like collecting them all and hug hug hug hug, never let them go, hehehe.

Where can you get it? : Watsons Nationwide.



top lipsticks 6

Elianto Riche Color- 01 (Tender) Review

Economical lipcream with high quality formulation & bombastic result!

I am not a Elianto fan yet when I bought this lipcream, turn out I’m IMPRESSED with the formulation, color and everything about it. Believe it or not, it dries up already. >.< Need to get a new one ..(awak, tak nak belikan untuk saya ke? hehehe). okay, done. bye!

p/s: really recommend you to try this up! Color  ni and Sexy 04 pun lawa. Ada orange color also, it looks good on me too. but for daily wear, I prefer Tender 01. Makes me look naive although im not! hahah


Where to get it? : Elianto Nationwide.


top lipsticks 4

Elianto Intense Matte Lipstick -01 

As I said just now, another product that knock my head and wake me up from dreaming. Elianto, please produce more cool products like this!

I could say it is a dupe product of MAC pencil chubby lipstick with great formulation, pigmentation and has decent scent.

Where to get it? : Elianto Nationwide.


top lipsticks 5

Onsaemeein Velvet Moist Lip Tint Review

Last but not least, these two  Velvet Moist Lip Tint from Onsaemeein Korea brand product had won over my heart by giving a great texture without drying the lips. It has light and soft texture and I could say they are almost similar to my favorite Bourjois velvet lip cream. Matte , velvety and moist.

Color: Red and Coral

Where to get? :  Althea

top lipsticks_

from left: Revlon Seduction, Revlon Flirt, Elianto Brilliant Riche Tender 01, Elianto Intense Matte Lipstick 01, MAC Runway Hit, 3CE Dusty Coral , Onsaemeein Velvet Moist Lip Tint in Red and Coral.

top lipsticks 3


That’s it my favorite lipsticks of the month. I hope I had given you an idea what to get in this month and please let me know what are your favorite lipsticks of the month so that I might giving a try for next month. ^^

Thank you for reading and see you on instagram! <3

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