DR IRMA’s Radiant Skincare Review

May 19, 2016

Everyone is keep posting DR IRMA’s review and photos on instagram, blog, facebook and many more. Something new attracts my attention. Saw it on Elfira Loy’s instagram makes me feel “lagi nak cuba”. The formulation of “serum” , both of Vitamin C serum and BB serum foundation draw my attention to try it even more. After trying it for a week, now I am ready to share some of my thoughts on the products.


Dr irma's skin care

BB serum foundation dr irma

Whitening BB Serum Foundation

It is a water based serum and foundation with SPF 35++ which would make your skin beautifully protected and repaired at the same time. The color of the BB cream blend pretty well with our Asian skin.

At first I was wondering what would it do to my face? Elfira Loy said it made your face look glowy and pretty for selfie. The consistency is quite watery which worry me a bit. I don’t normally use light coverage foundation cream/ watery products because I know I would need a lot of products to cover my redness, blemishes and of course my eyebag! (feel like getting old with those of dark circles). But surprisingly, 6 tiny dots of foundation could cover everything! That is pretty amazing! Watery BB serum foundation works perfectly same like my favorite thick normal foundation.

The best thing about this Whitening BB Serum Foundation, you doesn’t need to apply any toner or moisturiser before it. Just apply the BB Serum foundation straightly on the face as it has everything in it! All are in- Moisturiser, serum, spf, toner and etc. Great for me yang always skipped skin care every morning ;( I Feel guilty to my skin.


This BB serum foundation will gives a sheen glow of healthy skin as well as brightening the face without making your face look greyish/ brownish.

Dr irma review 2


It comes with one shade  “DR IRMA’S SIGNATURE SHADE” and blend nicely onto the skin. It also has light pink undertoned which would makes your face look lively  glow and sheen to all complexion. (Ala-ala korean skin) .

Tips: If you have medium skin tone, apply few dots first and blend it. It is build-able formulation, you can also add on to get fairer complexion. So, remember to apply it in small amount better than too much on the face. It may looks not so pigmented in the jar but once you applied it on the skin, it gives a magical change. Cuba sikit-sikit, jangan letak banyak-banyak! Letak sikit, then blend. kalau tak cukup, tambah sikit, blend again. ok? clear? 





It claims that It is also contains high concentration of licorice and fruit extract as well as vitamin C will lighten skin, discoloration and pigmentation as early as 3 days. Not only that , the formula will plump up skin cells and hasten cell renewal thanks to the apple stem cells extract and marine collagen imported from france incorporated in the serum. Fine lines will eventually disappear with continuos use. As for oily skin, this serum foundation will reduce sebum production hence reduce pimple occurence, it will draw out whitehead and blackhead for easy removal (and with night use of RADIANT WHITE VITAMIN C SERUM whiteheads will be reduced greatly in 1 week) and for dry skin, it gives immediate hydration.

Although it gives glow and beautiful sheen effect, but in reality the foundation doesn’t feel sticky or even oily. The foundation finish is more alike Matte even it doesn’t look matte at all.

Price: RM 98 , 20 ml. 



Dr irma serum


This is a water based vitamin C & aloe vera packed serum aimed for skin whitening, heal acne prone skin, reduce pigmentation and scar, reduce sebum production, hydrating skin, erase fine line and increase skin elasticity .
Combined with potent plant and flower extracts from the alps, mediterranian and himalaya that have strong antioxidant, promote collagen synthesis and dermal cell turnover, healing and beautifying properties. Dr. Irma also added holistic benefits of uniquely blended essential oils for natural therapeutic effects. It has mild rose scent which is bearable. ( I am not a big fan of rose scent yet this is very bearable because I still can take it, the scent started disappear after couple of minutes ) . Believe it or not, after a week using it, my skin getting softer, healthier , firmer, and less sebum (kulit kurang biji-biji sebum).  The truth is, I like when my face feel softer & less sebum than before. That is the happiest moment of the month. hahah. *Amazed


Gold and black Glass bottle with a dropper pump. Exclusive , elegant , classy and sexy;  almost similar to one of  my favorite high end serums in the market. But it is way worth!

P/S: registered product with Malaysian Ministry of Health (MOH), no banned substances ingredients k?

Any changes after using it?

20% softer and I am very satisfied with the serum.

Price: RM 89 for 15ml.

Dr Irma review
(please excuse for my messy mascara but  focus on my skin.)

To purchase:

Whatsapp:  +6018-986 7511


Read more reviews at their social media platforms: 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drirma_official   –  @drirma_official

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SerumDrIrma

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“Your Confidence, DR IRMA’s Pride” 

Note: If you have done review on the product, do let me know, I will add links in my blogpost. Thank you.



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