Berrisom Horror Masks Review and First Impression

May 15, 2016

Sometimes wearing unique mask could be fun during weekend. Just to make us smile and scare people around us 😛 haha . Nay, wear it and posting it on social media could be more fun than the rest. haha. Especially recording our lifestyle into snapchat. Speaking of snapchat, catch up my daily video in snapchat with crazy videos and updates. sometimes I do update my beauty , event and activities in my snapchat.
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“Very Berry Good Berrisom”

Berrisom is a high-tech cosmetic brand that cares for the skin using the “AO% antioxidant formula” extracted from three types of berries and two types of blossoms. From skincare to makeup, Berrisom is all you need for happy, beautiful skin!

What’s more exciting is Berrisom is now available at Guardian Malaysia nationwide. Let’s read my personal review on Pierrot mask as well as knowing the rest of the masks’ benefits.

Berrisom Horror mask 2Horror mask 1
Pierrot mask (Moisturizing) 

It contains green tea extract to supply the dried skin with enough moisture. Ceramide and glacial water included make your skin moist and lively. It makes the skin’s softer, smooth and free from wrinkles.  Along with these ingredients, this mask also contains, adenosine, ceramide and glacial milk to help seal in moisture and nutrients. Pierrot shape and color is printed on 100% cotton sheet so gives you fun look, different than normal plain sheet mask.

lady mask
Lady Mask ( To reduce wrinkles )

It is wrinkle improvement functional mask which contains Red wine and Adenosine to make the wrinkled skin elastic. Ceramide and glacial water included make your skin moist , lively and healthier! . Peking opera, Queen shape and color is printed on 100% cotton sheet so gives you a lady look and feel while wearing the mask. Ahaks! nampak tak kecomelan disitu? hehe.

horror mask

Skull mask ( Brightening) 

P/s: This is my favorite among all.

First is because of the design and secondly my skin looks glowy and brightening for real. It contains Black rice extract known as Super food agent to make the rough and dull skin clear and tight. In other words, the rice extract does brighten your skin complexion with the help of Ceramide and glacial water which make your skin moist and lively. Skull shape and color is printed on 100% cotton sheetwith high quality design and do freak my family out with the this mask. hahah Sorry guys 😛 haha. This is fun to be used in the dorm room or if you want to scare your closest friends and  relatives 😛


dynast mask


Dynast Mask (Whitening) 

It is the whitening functional mask which contains Pearl extract and Arbutin to make the skin clear and bright. Ceramide and glacial water included make your skin moist and lively. Peking opera, King shape and color is printed on 100% cotton sheet complement the lady mask perfectly. Voila!
Berrisom Horror mask 4



Personal Review on Pierrot mask

Berrisom Horror mask 8

Any differences? 
Personally, I feel My skin is moist and tighten compared than before.  The feeling of wearing the mask is the most relaxing feeling ever as I could sleep tightly with the mask on the face without any disturbance. It does makes me feel calm. The green tea scent doesn’t obvious compare to other brands, which is a good thing for me as I prefer mild-scented mask.

Berrisom Horror mask 10
Berrisom Horror mask 9

Most of my pimples were a bit shrinking after wearing the mask. Maybe because of the cooling effect? I’m not too sure the theory behind the “shrinking pimples” but that is one of the observations made.

Berrisom Horror mask 3

Direction to use:-

  1. After cleansing, preps the skin with toner.
  2. Unseal the pouch and put the mask on the face.
  3. Remove the mask after 15-20 minutes.
  4. Gently tap the remained essence to be absorbed. leave it for awhile and you would noticed the differences after half an hour. Try it out and tell me your feedback.


Berrisom Horror mask 11

Berrisom Horror mask 13

Wanna relax with me? Enjoy this short video on how I pampering myself during weekend. If you are interested to try the mask, let’s join my giveaway contest. I will announce the winner in this blog & my facebook page.



Berrisom Horror mask 12
What you need to do?

1) Follow my instagram, twitter, Facebook page and Youtube Channel.

2) Comment down below/ at any photos of Berrisom masks in my social media platforms.

3) 3 Lucky winners will be picked up randomly.


Giveaway will be closed on 31st May 2016. 

Announcement: 5th June 2016 ( One day before Puasa 🙂 )



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