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Carlorino Handbag Review

April 8, 2016

I used to love this brand so much and my first most expensive purse was from Carlorino. It lasts me pretty long , great quality purse and I feel confident to buy more products from them until one day, one incident happened.

On 3rd December 2015, it was my mother’s birthday. I thought of buying her a handbag as I have given her  a pair of good shoes for the previous birthday present. Therefore I was looking for a good handbag within my budget of RM 200. Well, please bare in your mind that 80% of my salary has been used for commitments  such as car, petrol, toll ( well my toll fare is pretty expensive, RM 20 per day) , food, cat food ( Almost RM 200-300 for the expenses) , and so on. Therefore, I don’t really have much left but still need to get something worth for her. She loves handbag, any kind of handbag regardless of brands. She don’t mind wearing any kind of brands as long it is sturdy, pretty, and comfortable.


Due to all these reasons, I decided to buy her a new handbag.
3rd December 2016, 6.30pm , Thursday, after work , I went to Sunway Pyramid ( well, the closest mall from my office) . I have a dinner at 8.00pm and I knew that I wouldn’t make it on time if I go buy something for her, BUT STILL, I need to get her a birthday present. I am the only child who loves to give presents to my parents ( maybe rasa macam sentimental value item sikit, especially sebab my parents suka simpan all of my gifts, I feel happy when they wearing it. ntah, syok sendiri but I know my parents are happy when I got them something) .

At first, I went to Charles and Keith boutique and found none of the designs that suit her. So I decided to go to Parkson ( well, variety of choices ). I went through all the designs and brands and finally found the ONE. The ONE suits her. Although the price is slightly expensive and exceed my budget, I straightly purchased it without giving second thoughts. The price of the handbag is roughly RM 350- RM 400 with 10% discount. ( Being honest here).

Right after purchased it, I went for the dinner , celebrated my parents’ birthday ( my dad’s birthday is on 1st Dec and mom’s on 3rd Dec), presented the handbag to her and I could see her happiness and big smile from the restaurant until back home. She was smiling non-stop even when she went to bed, she looks happy. I still can pictorial her expression in my mind. It was a very memorable moment.


After a week, I asked her, why don’t you wear the handbag I bought to you mak?

My mom answered me : Mak sayanglah nak pakai, leather eh? Sayanglah, takut calar, mak nak pergi breakfast kat mamak je.

I replied: Ala mak, pakai laaaaa.

Mom: ok, nanti mak pakai.


Few days later, she used it and I was so happy , keep complimenting her and she did tell her friends that the handbag was given by her daughter ( I guess all mothers feel proud when her kids bought her something even small thing).

Two weeks after using it, the first week of January, my mom told me : Handbag Wiida bagi tu ada warranty lagi kan? Tali dia tercabut.

In my mind, I was thinking, oh Workmanship tali tepi dia terkopek/ berbulu. Something not so serious and still can be used. I told her, ye ke? Takkan tak boleh pakai lagi?

She said: Tak boleh pakai, tercabut la nanti.

I straightly request her to show me the handbag. At the moment I saw the handbag, I was SHOCKED!



Macam tak logic kan?! OH MY GOD!


I went to the Carlorino boutique in Midvalley, on February 25. claim for the warranty.

The boutique salesgirl told me :

SA: Ala, warranty doesn’t covered the body part. You bought you during SALE kan?

Me: Yes, I do, but only 10% off, still, Price mahal lagi, bukan 70% clearance stock.

SA: you beli mana?

Me: I beli dekat Parkson Sunway Pyramid.

SA: Alaaa! Kenapa you beli dekat Departmental Store? Tadi un ada customer complain, beli dekat departmental store juga!


SA: Bukaaaaan, Departmental store simpan banyak different brands, itu pasal manyak handbag bermasalah.

Me: Ye? Then kenapa Carlorino letak barang dekat Departmental store?.

SA: Itu HQ punya pasal la, Kami staff sudah pening.

Me: Then macam mana ? ( I just want my handbag been repaired , that’s all)

SA: HQ sudah tutup, I tangkap gambar dulu, hantar ke HQ, nnt harga saya beritahu. Saya call you.

Me: Ok………. but kena bayar?

SA: Yalor, mana ada warranty.

Me: Boleh I tinggalkan my handbag here? sebab I duduk jauh. ( Well, Im staying at Kuala Selangor)

SA: Cannot, we cannot take your handbag, no report number. cannot accept any handbag.

Me: Okay, then update me, ( I left my number and taken their store number).

Left the boutique with unsolved problem , frustrated and hoping the Customer Service would do something about it.

My friend asked me: So how?

Me:  Nanti, beritahu your mom, your adik perempuan, kawan-kawan punya girlfriends, jangan beli Carlorino, sebab bile putus, takde solution. ntah pape kena bayar. dah la pakai tak sampai 2 minggu! nath pape la.

My friend: Teruknye customer service dia! penat je datang.  ( Then only I realised, ya la, I went to Midvalley just to get it done, tapi still tak solve the problem & bayar duit minyak and parking) APA NI? And the most horrible thing, I told my friend spontaneously to not buying Carlorino products. OUCH! As a beauty and lifestyle blogger, normally I always  influence people to shop and buy more things ( well, so that as a shopaholic I wont feel guilty ). But this time, it is totally opposite! OH MY GOD! This is not WIIDA ANYMORE!


27 February 2016

I have received a call from Carlorino Boutique and telling me the cost of fixing the handbag is RM 40.

Real fact:  I don’t mind paying RM 40, BUT I do think they need to responsible for their manufacture defects. 100% not my fault, it is manufacturer low quality control.


SA: The costs to fix the handbag is RM 40.

Me: okay, can you do me a favor?

SA: Yes??

Me: Please inform your HQ Customer service to waive the charge, and see again the handbag defects. Handbag ni putus sendiri, baru pakai 2 minggu dah putus. Tapi I kena bayar sebab quality Carlorino standard pasar malam. Sorry ye, I tak marah cuma, I bayar RM 300-RM 400 tapi handbag Carlorino putus. Baik I beli handbag pasar malam 30 Ringgit, pakai setahun tak putus-putus.

SA: Oh, okay…

Me: Let me know the updates. you faham kan kenapa I tak puas hati? Handbag bayar mahal-mahal , well although tak semahal LV ke Prada, tapi still la RM 300, kenapa quality macam ni?

SA: ok,ok.

Me: So, please let me know the updates.

SA: ok.


I was waiting for their feedback and I also couldn’t follow up often due to my new work place ( pretty busy even weekends).

Until 5th of April, after a month, I emailed to Carlorino Customer Care. (well, give them chance)

Today, 9th April 2016.

I have received no email and feedback from them.

Please tell me, what should I do?

If you are in my situation, what would you do to the handbag?

Throw it? repair it? pay RM 40 ? or keep quiet?


What is your solution?

My current thoughts review:

Quality of the handbag : 1/ 10 ( SHOCKED! Still unbelievable!) 

Customer Service: 0.2/10 ( I’m sorry, your staff should been trained on how to handle this problem, and at least inform the customer service on how the customers’ complain the handbag. punya la panjang I explain, dia cakap ok je, but no action?) 

Handbag Design: 9/10 (honestly I love their designs) well, I even used to talk about it with my friends, Sharon Lee and Dahinoor.Betul tak korang? kan? kan? I selalu suruh you all belikan? Siap bagi catalog new collection, but now, what should I do? #sedihgiler! 

Would you buy any of the brand’s product in the future?

 I’ve learnt from my lesson.

It’s all about you, designs cantik , kalau you are lucky person, then I am happy for you. BUT if you are one of unlucky people like me…..#speechless…….

I hope CarloRino would know how to encounter this problem in the future. Let it be a lesson point for their establishment  and us as customers.

Note: I tak bermaksud nak burukkan the brand, tapi I just nak share my experience and feelings. What should I do? throw the bag away??!
#Stress #Marahlah #WHATTODO? #Advise #Disappointed #Frustrated #memalukan! #canIcountonyou?


Wiida Sedih la. 

9/4/2016, 1.55am. 


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