Becca Backlight Priming Filter Review

March 30, 2016

Recently I’ve been testing few face products and skin cares under various of foundations, masks, lip tints, and many more. I am currently into light simple makeup, fresh and little bit into Korean look. Ahaks! Excuse me happiness into the Asian korean makeup look, not saying I am trying to replicate a face of Korean or being obsessed with them, I’m just in the mood of that kinda makeup.

Korean makeup look is obviously focus on the glowy healthy skin look. Therefore, I have been searching a good radiance primer to be wore underneath foundation. Becca Backlight Primer filter just draw my attention to try and I have been trying it out for couple of weeks.

becca primer 1

Before: A pea size of product on my bare arm.

becca primer 2


After: My arm skin looks  naturally luminous & healthier.


It works as a lightweight and illuminating primer, not a long-lasting base for foundation, it gives radiance effect better than other primer. Although it gives shiny and glowy effect, it doesn’t make me look sweating or having oily face even doesn’t make my pores visible/emphasize the pores. . That is what I’m liking about this primer. However, for oily face, I don’t really recommend using this primer, yet if you always can try it as everyone has different skin texture and type.

Sometimes, I do mix this primer with foundation to get a radiance smooth natural skin, and it does it’s job perfectly. Although I expect more from Becca Backlight Primer Filter, yet for natural skin look. it is acceptable. I am still searching a good dupe for Josie Maran Luminizer liquid which has been discontinued in Sephora Malaysia. Honestly speaking, Josie Maran Luminizer liquid by far is my most favorite primer + illuminazing liquid to get beautiful tanned/ golden/ glowy face which perfectly makes everyone looks pretty with their own way from ivory to dark tanned complexion.

As a primer, if you have normal to dry skin, you’ll find this lightweight lotion provides a beautiful healthy glow that isn’t the least bit sparkly or shimmery. If you have oily skin or are blemish prone, you likely won’t appreciate this “all over glow.” Not only can such radiance highlight texture irregularities in skin, but also oily areas don’t need any more “radiance” than they have naturally!


Packaged in a plastic bottle with a pump dispenser, this does include a small amount of fragrance that doesn’t linger on skin, and shouldn’t be a problem for most. Yet, I appreciate if the label could be better and bigger as I feel it is kinda annoying to read with shiny texture font. Nevertheless, it  looks exclusive.

becca primer


It does contains a light amount of fragrance and the scent is bearable. in my side, Im kinda like it.


Price: RM 180++

Locations: All Sephora outlets/ online.

That is all my short thoughts about it. Thank you for reading, will post more exciting reviews and videos in the future.


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