March 23, 2016

“Golden Rose Cosmetics is the main brand by Erkul Cosmetics in Turkey, with over 30 years experience in the cosmetics manufacturing industry. Creating waves in Europe, Golden Rose Cosmetics now sets foot in Malaysia bringing elegant packaging, quality cosmetics and affordable pricing to convert all Malaysians into makeup loving junkies.Be enchanted with Golden Rose’s Chanel-esque packaging designs and drugstore price-tags as Golden Rose Cosmetics revolutionizes the beauty industry one continent at a time!”

Basically , I just want to share some of the dupe alert that I have found for MAC lipstick cosmetics. Wondering how to remain pretty and saving some money at the same time? Lets see the “identical color” lipsticks for MAC. wait! I won’t say it is 100% identical BUT based on individual lips color , it might turns almost SIMILAR to the original MAC lipstick shade. Similar , not identical.

mac dupe

From left: MAC Enchanted One, Rose Golden Velvet Matte No 03, MAC Sin, Rose Golden Velvet Matte No 29.


MAC Sin is one of the most opaque, bold color lipsticks by MAC creation. It is very dark burgundy red with cool undertones. It has matte finish ( well the texture is almost similar to Retro Matte finish but I believe it is not, a bit drying than the normal matte MAC finish). I still remember it was one of unique color in year 2014 but now, most of makeup brands come out with this shade. Golden Rose had something with this. No 29 Golden Rose Velvet Matte lipstick is truly 70% similar to MAC SIN. You could save some money for it. Instead of spending RM 70  you could get identical shade at RM 30 which would save you 50% of your pocket money. Formulation wise, the Golden Rose formula is creamier and very pigmented!

Buy online: Rose Golden No 29

MAC Enchanted One Lipstick- Mid tone neutral peach coral nude with matte finish . The formula is not matte as retro matte and it glides smoothly on the lips, very creamy for matte formula. As comparism between MAC and Rose Golden No 03, I would say the formula  and color are 80% similar to MAC and the only difference is the smoothness of application. I found Rose Golden is smoother and easy to apply than MAC Enchanted One formula which is slightly ( not really obvious) less creamy.

Buy online: Rose Golden No 03


I would say I prefer MAC packaging rather than Golden Rose. Most probably because of the packaging, Golden Rose could offer lower price ( way affordable) compared to MAC, *cut some costs there. Ya, I agree pretty packaging does costs $. Depends on you, quality of these two lipsticks have no much difference and I truly love Golden Rose Velvet Matte lipstick formula. HIGH QUALITY product at affordable price. What do you think? Which one would you prefer? Tell me, and will catch up with you soon. Thank you for reading.

Additional comments: I wish Golden Rose could put some of glamour and eye catching names for each of their lipsticks instead of numbering. It’s just my two cents opinions. 




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