Physician Formula pH Match Maker Lipgloss Review

January 26, 2016


First and foremost, lets congrats Physician Formula for stepping into Malaysia beauty stores. Yeay!!  This California brand offers Healthy Good for your skin- Glamorous products that aims to solve every woman’s makeup needs and reveal their most glamorous self.  They sent me a sample of lipgloss to try and of course, I am here to write the first impression and review on the lipgloss.  


physician formula lipgloss ♥ FORMULA  ♥

The formula of the lipgloss is comfortable to use, requires a little swipe in giving magnificent effect. The shine makes the whole look glow, and fresh. I love the features include in the lipgloss packaging as it is travel and night use friendly. This lipgloss could senses the pH level of your skin and adapts to your environment for truly customizable shade in just 60 seconds, it would matches to your real lips color. It does works! Even stays up to 8 hours on my lips without eating in between.

Shade: Pink



physician formula lipgloss 4

This is what I was talking about, night-friendly use as it is lights up when we need the light and easy to be use whenever we need quick touch-up.


physician formula lipgloss 5

The packaging for the lipgloss is quite bulky yet the design of the cover is elegant enough to be called as Hollywood design as it has small polka dot frame around it showing sophistication , classic and simple.



physician formula lipgloss 1

physician formula lipgloss 2

The brand is taking care of their packaging well, even the mirror, they provides high quality mirror and well protected.


physician formula lipgloss 3

Afraid of losing your battery? NO more worries. it provides a switch on/off button for our own control.


physician formula lipgloss 6

The brush given is not duo-foot brush therefore the application for the lipgloss is just mild. It doesn’t require coverage application as less is better for this formula lipgloss.

Check out the makeup brand line at selected Watsons.  ♥ 


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