NotbookNotbuk DIY Binder Planner review 2016

January 1, 2016



notbook notbuk COVER 2


Happy New Year!

I would like to apologies for went missing for couple of weeks. I have been busy adapting myself at my new work place and pretty busy with

But that won’t stop me from blogging. I did uploaded my review on Notbook notbuk 2016 planner, but didn’t update the blogpost with photos. So, here you go, the details of the DIY Binder photos.

The total of all these were RM 99 including postage. If you want to know more on the price list, do visit their website and happy window shopping!



notbook notbuk4

The main reason why I picked up the DIY Binder ring planner is because I can easily DIY the paper by myself and also control the amount of the paper to be insert as I do not want it to be too thick and too thin also.

notbook notbuk binder2

The design for the file planner is very durable.

notbook notbuk binder3

There is also a rubber string to close the file and make it neat.

notbook notbuk refill packs

I picked up quite a number of refill packs. I would recommend you to get;

1)The Tab sticker ( for divider sticker)

2) 3 sets of Divider

3) Notes – 1/2 packs

4) Weekly Planner

5) Checklist – 1/ 2 packs

6) Daily Planner

7) Kraft paper

8) Grid sheets ( for drawing)

9) Annual Planner 2016

notbook notbuk 1

notbook notbuk planner


notbook notbuk weekly planner

notbook notbuk to do list

Checklist is my favorite sheet among them all. I can write down all the tasks I need to focus for the week, then tick if I have done the task, put a cross if it has been cancelled and arrow for postponed task. Pretty cool hah? This is how I monitor my productivity of the day and week. 🙂

notbook notbuk_

Want to get post it but doesn’t know where did we put it? Well, Take a whole stack of post it and paste it on the kraft paper at the back. Whenever we need it, just flip the paper and take it. Easy!

notbook notbuk 2

Paste and park your ideas here! Design the planner based on your creativity.

notbook notbuk rossa

notbook notbuk grid sheet

Love all the colored paper , it makes my planner looks lovely.

notbook notbuk grid notes

notbook notbuk divider

notbook notbuk divider notes

notbook notbuk daily planner

Daily planner- we can monitor the number of water taken and many more.


Overall, I am very satisfied with my Notbooknotbuk planner, I also did buy some of color papers and cut the paper into two. Punch two holes and it’s now ready to be decorated!

It is so easy with the two ring holes. I believe everyone has two punch holes and you can DIY your planer easily / even print the annual calendar and just attach it together.
The price -wise, it is pretty reasonable.


DO watch my simple video review on it. Do share with me you favorite planner of the year.

See you in the next post!


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