Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipcream Review& Swatches

December 6, 2015

Lipstick is the most popular makeup item in the world, so do my interest in picking up more lipsticks compared to other makeup items. No wonder as it could glam up your entire look by applying with any lips color, your face would look a total different!

Matte lipstick is the most coverage formula, it might dry the lips but the longevity is most unbeatable! Yet, how about Ultra lips color?

Colourpop ultra matte

Continue reading if you want to know more, and I would be talking on the swatches first then only the review.

colourpop trap swatch 2

OPS! It is a TRAP but worth every ringgit I have spent into it. TRAP is a gorgeous color and the closest dupe for the popular high end  LA SPLASH Goulish as well.  A new colour to you? Colourpop trap is the perfect lipstick for you to try the colour on as the price is pretty affordable compared to LA Splash Goulish, yet anyhow the formulation wise, there is a little different.

This unique colour has made every woman feels special, crave for it-day and night as they need to get it into their very own collection. Greyish nude colour, that is what I could describe on the color. Some people would not feel confident with this color but some could rock with it. I don’t mind wearing this greyish nude in the public but need to pair with suitable eye makeup & outfit. It might looks scary to some people but if you are bold, this colour totally would makes your makeup look different than regular day.


colourpop trap swatch 1

colourpop sollow swatch 3

A must have Simple Basic Pink lips color . Among all these 5 colours I have, this is the second most used lip cream. I have been using it frequently like no body business as the colour is very natural on me and of course who can live without pink natural lipstick?


colourpop sollow swatch 2

colourpop sollow swatch 1

Ouijicolourpop ouiji swatch 1

The name reminds me of Ouija, the Spirit board story movie. Fresh, energetic, bold and vibrant, those are descriptions on Ouiji color. Makes me feel lively, and confident. It is a red based coral color that would looks good on every Asian skin; from fair to deep complexion.

colourpop ouiji swatch

Donutcolourpop donut

Still wondering which colour you want to buy for your first Ultra Matte lipcream? Try this colour out! It is my most favorite colour among them all! I have been using it so many times and keep repeating using it until almost finish! It is natural coral colour but still would makes my face looks brighter and glowing. *always perasan cantik when I wear this colour.  Include this into your wishlist and tell me your opinions if you have try this colour out. 

colourpop donut swatch

1st Base
colourpop 1st base swatch 1

Nude basic pink lips color- almost similar to Sollow but the color is more mute and would turn your look to innocent sweet girl. haha. Well, I am speaking about myself, I can see I look younger, fresh and naive. Pwehh.

colourpop 1st base swatch 2

Colourpop ultra matte 1

Coming to the review. Lets talk about packaging first.


A nice grand tube yet I feel upset with the wording, it fade off easily even after a day keeping it in my makeup bag. It is kinda frustrating , no more shiny duo-chrome wording on it and looks ordinary without the wording ;( maybe I am a person who loves collecting products with pretty packaging.



Since it is an ULTRA MATTE lipstick of course by it would be extra drying  formulation but in a positive way, it’s extra long-lasting on the lips. Some people doesn’t like to wear matte lipstick because of “obvious visible chap lips” but some people doesn’t mind due to high pigmentation and longevity on lips.

Could feel uncomfortable sometimes but in terms of “staying on the lips”, it won. HOWEVER, it’s very drying and lips doesn’t look delicious smexy as it should be. I would say this is the most drying lip cream among my collection but sometimes if I want to have very bold color and lazy to touch up I would be wearing this lip cream.


Standard duo foot applicator, easy to shape and follow the lips shape. Nothing to brag, just a normal applicator.


Variety of colors, from nude for light skin to dark brown for tanned skin. The colors are made for all complexion even unique blue, purple and green colors are also in the collection! Changing your lips color will dramatically change your LOOK!  p/s: so you should get all of them! hahaha. 



If you are having chap dry lips, this ultra matte lipstick need to be avoided-or any choice is by scrubing your lips and prep it with lipbalm. Actually, that is the right way to apply Colourpop ultra matte.

  1. Exfoliate the lips , remove all the dead cells
  2. Prep the lips with lipbalm ( highly recommen to apply lipbalm/vaseline before wear it. )
  3. After couple of minutes, apply Colourpop Ultra Matte .


Thank you for reading! I would keep updating more write up in this month. Muah!

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