Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick- Fire Engine & Tequila Sunrise review and swatches

October 8, 2015

Girls and lipsticks just can’t be separated especially in lazy day makeup. Lipstick would make someone looks well-groomed although you didn’t put anything on the face except a layer of bright lipstick. Or shall it be labelled as a savior?
If you aren’t familiar with Gerard Cosmetics, they’re a popular American brand that’s receiving a lot of airplay with beauty bloggers/Youtubers. Their popular products are: Lipsticks, Star Powder, Hydra Matte liquid lipstick, BB Plus Illumination and lipgloss. I have owned their Star Powder in Audrey and Marilyn (will be reviewed soon) and two lipsticks; fire engine and tequila sunrise. Can’t afford to buy more, maybe next time or just wait for a prince charm to get all the other products for me. Wow! Totally a fairy tale dream. haha. Forever tak dapek la!

Lets start with the sleek bullet packaging.

gerard cosmetics lipstick


The metallic gold color packaging absolutely looks classy, luxury and elegant. The lids clicks securely and the design looks like MAC lipstick although it is slightly lighter than MAC. If you are not fussy, you won’t mind with the weight but for some people, they prefer lipstick with some weight packaging.

gerard cosmetics lipstick 3


Fire Engine and Tequila Sunrise are matte formula, yet they are awesome, not so drying compared to Retro Matte formula by MAC and they don’t easily fade off.  The lasting power for Fire Engine is longer than Tequila Sunrise most probably due to the pigmentation , around 5 hours even with drinking and eating.

Tips to get power long lasting lipstick : Apply the first layer then after that,  dab with translucent power on top of it and coat it with another layer of lipstick. Simple tips but please remember , this would make you lips dry.


They are highly pigmented but my photos just did not give the justice. 🙁


gerard cosmetics fire engine 1

Fire Engine is one of their popular lipstick colors , classic red with blue hue into it even make the teeth look whiter and full of confidence. Choosing the right color of lipstick does makes a huge change and impact on individual especially when attending special occasions.


gerard cosmetics fire engine 2

gerard cosmetics fire engine 3

The photo doesn’t does it’s justice, the color doesn’t turns well. I hope I could capture the real red color shown on my lips which is certainly gorgeous, bold and wearable.



This is the perfect peach coral shade especially on Asian skin tone. As a coral peach lover, this lipstick is my all time favorite pick. Completely great for daily use and looks natural. If you are searching for natural lips color, this gonna be the perfect color.

gerard cosmetics tequila sunrise 1

gerard cosmetics tequila sunrise 2

gerard cosmetics tequila sunrise 4

gerard cosmetics tequila sunrise 3

gerard cosmetics lipstick 4


Each lipstick costs $19 (USD)  but they normally do sale and promotion. Check out their media social platforms and website for the latest promo. I would like to thank to Nurliyana Hanim  personally for informing me on this. She is the one whom break the ice on Gerard Cosmetics sale updates. Thank you babe!

Thank you for reading.

Love, Wiida.

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