Time to clear up my Lipgloss collection! Lipgloss Stash

October 6, 2015

Time to clear up my lipgloss collection!

Honestly speaking I am not a big fan of lipglosses yet due to impulsive purchase, I did own few lipglosses. Some were rarely touched and some were my favorites. I don’t have massive humongous lipgloss collection but whatever I have now are pretty huge for me.


Most of my lipglosses collection are 2-3 years old , only several of them are less than a year. Time to filter and throw the expired disgusting lipglosses. I have still have few unopened lipglosses and will review them later separately but for this post, these are all of my lipglosses collection.


lipgloss collection

Items to be disposed

hnm lipgloss_

The first item would be this lipgloss from HnM , got it last two years in Paris. I seldom use this lip gloss as the consistency is not up to my preference. Sticky and thick texture until my lips feel numb. I don’t recommend you to get this lipgloss.

Status: Dispose


hnm lipgloss 2

Next lipgloss is also from HnM Paris. I extremely dislike this lipgloss because it is very sticky and has no color at all. Swatched once and never use it. Besides that, my lips felt burned when applied on. Strictly say NO for this lipgloss even though the packaging looks cute.

Status: Dispose

etude house lipgloss

One of my favorite lipgloss from Etude House, with mild mint flavor, making our lips look plump and sexay! Sometimes I do love wear it alone without lipstick underneath it. I hope Etude House still have this lipgloss so that I could repurchase it.

Status: Dispose

urban decay lipgloss


This is the least uses lipgloss ever! I think I never used it at all! Got it together with Naked 1 palette I believe and time to dispose it! It is already 2 years old baby although I didn’t even use it.

Status: Dispose

sephora wand lipgloss

Got it as birthday gift from Sephora in the year 2014 . All the colors I needed are in one wand, it is so amazing and easy to bring along in the makeup babe. I normally use this lipgloss on the client yet still some of the colors are untouched.
Do I loving it? Nay, 50:50
Status: Dispose


Revlon lipgloss, I forgot the range name but I got when I attended the event a year ago. Lovely scent, packaging and pigmentation. The only reason why I did not really use it because of the color, I don’t normally wear pink lipstick. Kinda waste but it is already a year old.

Status: Dispose

nyx butter lipgloss_

If you are asking me what should I keep in this post is the NYX Butter gloss! My most favorite lipgloss on the earth! It has vanilla scent into it that makes me feel like eating it, and the color pigmentation also is pretty good especially when you want to wear it alone without lipstick and under the yellow light, your lips gonna look delicious.

I have three shades but I’ve misplace the other shade, orangey color, cheesecake code I believe. If you want to have one lipgloss and doesn’t know which one? Go get NYX butter gloss, affordable price and great quality product! Forget the high end brands and go for this 🙂

Status: Keep

The other two products that I am keeping are Nars lipgloss as well as Collection Hotlights lipgloss that I never used before except swatches. I am gonna wear both as frequent I can, rather than going wasted.
How about you? Do you have any favourite lipgloss?
Which one do you prefer? Lipgloss or lipstick?
I guess this is the time to do spring cleaning and clearing up our makeup stash. If you have done the similar post, please let me know and leave your comment in the below section. Thank you.
Thank you for reading 🙂





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