OUTFIT OF THE DAY: Simple Black Casual for early 20’s

October 4, 2015

Haze is getting worst, heavier in each day. Counting the days when would it be better and begging to inhale clean quality air. Now I feel thankful that I am still alive and breathing although the air is poisoning, a silent killer that not many people realised it. I do not have asthma but my breath is not smooth as before, sore throat and coughing.

Anyhow, it doesn’t stop me from blogging and taking photo. Thought wanna do outdoor photo shoot but the weather doesn’t allow to do so therefore I went to Citta Mall and did some shoot.

Here are some of the OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) photos together with the details.
The photos taken just for making the blog looks varies by putting my simple dress up look. I am not professional in dressing up but I got commented from people in real life & social media for my dress up, mainly positive comments.
My style is simple and basic.

Black crop top:  Forever 21 2015 Fall collection (wore it with long black singlet) RM 59.90

So far the material and design of this black crop wins my heart. Love the comfortable feel when I’m wearing it although not in air conditioner room. Price-wise, not bad but I wish I could get it in lower price, probably 50% off? hahah. Sorry la, Malaysia economy is doing good now, so saving is the main concern now.

Jeans: Uniqlo RM 120

My favorite jeans! Bought it during sale, RM 50. If you have noticed, I have 3 pairs of the same jeans and most of my OOTD is from Uniqlo, same jeans. hahah! 

Handbag: HNM 2015 Fall collection RM 119

I was in the mood of buying new handbag, thought want to get Charles and Keith collection but budget doesn’t allowed it. 🙁

Shoes: 2014 Vincci collection(Kiss and Tell also has the same collection) RM 59

Bracelet: A gift from a friend of mine

Watch: Marc Jacob (birthday present)

Earrings: Forever21 RM 8

Light and easy to wear!


ootd 3


ootd 8

ootd 5

ootd 4

ootd 7

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  • Reply Sylvia February 18, 2016 at 1:48 pm

    I love looking at your prducot features, Amanda. I don’t even know how I found you (on FB, I’m sure) but I’m a HUGE fan of your work. Thanks for being an inspiration to me and many other photogs.

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