Canmake Makeup Review – Concealor, mascara, lipstick,eyebrow stick.

September 12, 2015

As a typical woman, we are tend to spend money into cute packaging, any item that seems cute to us. If we walk into any store like SASA, Mr DIY, Daiso, Kaison, we would look into cute stuff and our itchy hands would grab something unnecessary.
Canmake packaging is certainly CUTE and has it own iconic packaging. The princess-y girly design grabbed my attention to make them as a part of my makeup collection.
Most of the tourists coming to Malaysia wanted to get something different , especially beauty stuff, this post could might help you in finding Asia makeup products to try.

canmake makeup

Lets see the review on 4 items from CANMAKE.

canmake makeup

Canmake is a Japan make up brand that can be found in Malaysia nationwide SASA stores. Their price is pretty reasonable.


Shade: No 01, Natural Brown

This unique thick rounded eyebrow stick is very useful for beginners.  Use the edge for lining / shape up the eyebrow and the flat part to fill in the gaps. For straight eyebrow people, you gonna love this eyebrow, it makes your life way easier than before! It has a medium pigmentation and easy to be used, apply and erase ( well, basically if we applied it wrongly we could rub it off easily) but it stays pretty long up to 6 hours. The texture is not too sticky or wax-y and glides very smooth. It is very handy, no need to blend, soft, waterproof and smudge proof too.

Why does it called DUAL eyebrow stick?

It has two color in one stick; a combination of light and dark shade in one single stick.  It matches most of Asian eyebrow color. NO MORE BLONDE, NO MORE DARK BLACK BROWS.

canmake mascara bristle


It has dense bristle to get voluminous lashes and the bend design is created to curl up the lash, and pump up the curl lasting power. This mascara contains fiber than could lengthen your lashes to maximum level but in other hand, fiber could shorten the mascara life-span.

Pros and cons about the mascara. 

It does curl up my stubborn lashes but the mascara itself dries faster than I expected  even though I rarely use it. The packaging is superb, easy to keep, not bulky but I wish it doesn’t dries that quick.



Shade: No C04 , Pink Coral

A beautiful coral color that makes me crazy about it. It is truly my type of color. Currently I’ve been using it as my lipbalm & lipstick (2 in 1) like nobody business!

The cap features a ring motif with a crystal highlight, just like an engagement ring.
The base is designed to be the same size as a size 9 ring.
It’s a symbol of our hope that all the girls who wear this lipstick will be lucky in love…♥

The single sparkling crystal catches my attention and I have been display it on my vanity table together with my other high end lipsticks.

It contains beautifying and hydrating agents which is an outcome for long-lasting moisture lip product. The lipstick contains SPF 20+ (WOW!)

It defined as a true color finish and natural gloss lipstick but for me, it has 50% color and another 50% glossy.Maybe in another context I can compare this to MAC Lustre texture. It is moist with a touch of color.


canmake concealor2


Shade: No 01 (Light Beige)

Something interesting here!
It is a palette with three shades and one empty cube for mixing plate in order to get the right shade for your skin, undereye circle, and anything that you need to cover them up as closest skin color as possible. Features light, natural, and dark shades♥ Create a unique shade that matches your complexion precisely. If you are a perfectionist and can’t see any uneven color complexion, this concealer is made perfectly for you!

Formulation: Free from tar-based pigments, preservatives, UV absorbers, and fragrance

Texture: It is quite concentrate but build-able and still easy friendly -blend-able.

Coverage: conceal the imperfection between 30-50% .

canmake concealor

canmake lipstick coral

Lipstick: The true C04 color. Very natural lip color . If you don’t really love opaque lipstick, this lipstick is for you. Natural lip colors with moisturizing formula.

Concealor: I applied it on my chin, to cover the big pimple but it still can be seen.

canmake lipstick eyebrow

Mascara: It works in curling my lashes beautifully.

Dual eyebrow stick: Easy to use especially if you want to do Asian straight brows and doesn’t need to blend.

Thank you for reading, till we meet again in the next post.
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