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September 1, 2015

Everyone can’t avoid from spending money and rewarding ourselves after one month working non-stop including sacrificing our weekends ya? Same goes to me.

Sometimes I am wondering too, why can’t I stop from buying lip products. I am not a person loves to touch up my lips after eating/ every an hour keep looking at my lips, open the pouch and touch up. NO WAY! That is not me.

Almost every month I got at least one lip products and this month, it is 7 pieces! What a big surprise ( I also couldn’t believe it!).



1) Colourpop Ultra Matte Sollow, 1st Base, Donut, Ouiji, Trap

Among these 5 colors, Donut is my most picked, used, also known as my kinda signature color.The color that I always picked up on the shelf .  It could be described as peach- coral color.
Trap is a greyish- brown color, unique and still wearable when you pair it with smokey eye look. In the other hand, Ouiji is a bright coral with red- tint color that would brighten your teeth and face.

1st base is a typical light pink and sollow has a little brown tone onto it.

2) MAC Velvet Teddy and Runway Hit

Runway Hit is more into peach nude color (please watch my latest video) , while the popular MAC Velvet Teddy is more in brown nude, slightly darker / warm than Runway Hit.

3) Lovisa 4-pcs triangle necklace

Another addiction of mine is buying accessories; either necklace or earrings, both are my obsession. Urban, simple and cheeky , these are the words pop- up into my mind when I saw this necklace on the shelf. Will beautify my top with this simple necklace.

4) De’ Xandra Perfume in Gucci Floral

I don’t normally buy inspired or high gred perfume, yet this De’ Xandra Inspired perfume totally has changed my perception towards inspired perfume! What a surprise!

What made me amaze with the perfume?

de Xandra

1) The scent could lasts one whole day! PERFECT!

2) People around could detect/ differentiate my daily perfume with this

3) Some people could guess the name of the perfume. They asked ” Is it Gucci Floral?” . Wow! Great imitation.

4) Great quality perfume, easy to bring for travel , reasonable price.

You can get the perfume from Instagram @Dexandraperfume_Farra
Shall I say this is my favorite perfume of the month? YES! It is absolutely my favorite.

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