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August 20, 2015



bronzer stash

Have you seen Sephora top feature products?

It’s all about contouring!
There is variety of contouring/ bronzer products in the market, from drugstore products to high end. Yet, drugstore brands in Malaysia doesn’t bring in bronzer collection as much as high end products.

Besides contouring, beauty lovers are also into strobing.

Strobing technique has been raving and talking among beauty addicts, it’s kinda a sudden makeup trend! . People are crazy into highlighting, strobing, getting dewy complexion and etc yet CONTOURING is one of the MUST NOT FORGETTING METHOD in makeup. I know some people would Strobing is a new trend makeup but believe it or not, it is actually already existed long time back. I doesn’t know why it suddenly becomes such a huge makeup trend mess now! Someone please explains! We have been contouring and highlighting for ages, but why suddenly, everyone is talking about strobing?! okay, whatever. Lets focus on contouring.

Contouring could be applied lightly or heavily depending on the occasion. For daily use, I would go for Bronzing / light contouring method whilst photography session, heavy application is needed to get 3D structure as well as in featuring face shape.

In other hand, Strobing could be risky due to different complexion texture, skin-type, product, and  studio photography. Therefore, we shouldn’t forgetting contouring as it is really useful in makeup technique.

I have 6 bronzers from different brands and shades. So far I don’t have any “dislike” products, all are my go-to products! Pewh, never waste your makeup collection, use before the expiry date. However, as a human,  it is impossible to use everything at one time, and I still have my preferable picks.

I prefer warm brown bronzer instead of orange-y glowy kiss bronzer shade simply because I love contouring, shading instead of bronzing. Orange undertone bronzer great in giving warm complexion touch  (bronzing) instead of contouring.

top bronzer 1

Following are the list of my bronzer collection;


  1. Marc Jacob (Matte)
  2. Too Faced Sunbunny
  3. Too Faced Chocolate Soleil (Matte)
  4. MAC Golden
  5. The Balm Bahama Mama (Matte)
  6. Covo duo highlighter + Bronzer


My ultimate favorite bronzer is The Balm Bahama Mama, followed by Too Faced Chocolate Soleil and Marc Jacob. I still use the the others based on my preferred makeup look.

All of these 6 powder bronzers are very soft in texture and they are not chalky at all with great pigmentation.

top bronzer 2

I am still thinking to try more bronzer/ contour kit collection especially MAKEUP FOREVER duo contour kit, NARS laguna, Tarte Park Ave Princess, Benefit Hoola, and Anatasia Contour kit. What else in your mind? Any recommendation?

That is all for my favorite bronzer stash. What yours? I would love to try new bronzers, let me know if you have any recommended products in your mind.
Thank you for reading.  🙂 See ya?

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