July 8, 2015

I am kind of addicted to MAC eyeshadow. Started with New York Trip. MAC eyeshadow in NY is pretty reasonable. Each of the refill pan only costs RM 33 each (10USD) and the palette itself with insert (the shape) only RM 33 / 10USD. Incredibly cheap!

My MAC eyeshadow starter kit was only started by buying

Mulch, All that glitters, soft brown, expensive pink , satin taupe and Sable (6 eyeshadows) and  a 15-slot palette. Total 70 USD excluding tax. Meanwhile in Malaysia, one empty palette with the insert costs RM 200++, and each of refill eyeshadow costs RM 50. Imagine if I buy 6 eyeshadow plus one palette, that would cost me RM 500++!!! Phewww~

In this post I am not able to share the swatches with you girls as the photos taken were not clear as it supposed to be. Anyhow, here are the name of my preferred eyeshadows from MAC and I hope it could gives you some ideas what colors should you picked up when you visiting MAC store/ purchasing online.

MAC eyeshadow has genius formula, smooth and silky plus the pigmentation is bombastic! It blends smoothly and easy to control. Besides that, some of the colors are phenomena , unique and I am just lovin’ it.
Price wise, it is insane for Malaysian.
Others, it is tip top!


Coppering and Antiqued are not available in Malaysia. 


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