June Accessories haul 2015

June 21, 2015
Hello girls,
So you like collecting hair accessories huh?  don’t you?

Yes I DO. how about you?
It has been a while I didn’t share any accessories haul and Here I am sharing some of cute stuffs that I got from my ONE day shopping. 
1) Floral Headband
It’s actually from Forever21 sale corner, RM 10 and I really like it. It gives sense of summer & spring splash in plain outfit. Great to brighten the day. 
2) Blue Sequin Bow Hair Clip
I just can’t control myself when I see a pair of beautiful sequin bow. They are on sale at RM 15 per pair, from Lovisa. ^^
3) Cat Ears Headband
Who doesn’t like cat headband?
It can be cheeky + cute  🙂
My hands just way too itchy to buy it. 
4) Leather Bow
RM 3 on sale price from Forever21, elegant and wearable. 
5) Couple Black and Cream Bow Hair Clip
On sale RM 7 per pair , got them from Forever21. 
Just a part of my collection. Will clip my hair whenever I do ponytail style. 
6) Cat Printed Socks
Got it from Ebay. High quality material , 80% cotton and another 20% polyester if I am not mistaken. Very comfortable!! My favorite piece of the month 🙂

7) Another item that I shouldn’t buying more. SHADES. 

My current favorite of piece, keep wearing it from the day I bought. The floral design keep the season alive, and I feel so spring-y whenever I wear it. Inspired shades from Rayban Clubmaster. (nak beli yang original, short of cash, so just buy inspired shades. ) 

Got it from Vincci @ Rm 29. 

That is all for this month’s accessories haul.

I tried to minimize my expenses as Raya is approaching at anytime. 

Thank you for reading, and I will keep update this blog for more stories. 🙂

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