Sunsilk Perfect Straight Media Launch + Contest

October 19, 2014
Sunsilk Perfect Straight Media Launch. 
If you are following me on instagram, you may know that I’ve
attended Sunsilk Perfect Straight Media Launch Event at Aloft Hotel, KL
As many of you know, I got my hair cut
before Raya and my hair is extremely short (well, not really that short but for
me it is ,since this is the shortest hair cut I’d ever done)
The reason why I had my hair cut is because I want to try
something new and with this hair length, the simplest and easiest way to manage
it is to do a straight hair style.  Straight hair style is the most
popular hair style in Malaysia and it does helps to boost self-esteem, make the
girls feel comfortable and manageable  whilst curly hair is more into
glamorous and elegant look. 
Straight, Smooth hair can make anyone feel beautiful and
confident. Never deny it! hehe. Therefore, keeping hair straight needs a lot of
efforts and “time”. 
Due to trend and demand, Sunsilk proudly launched Sunsilk Perfect
Straight that keeps hair beautifully straight and aligned as it dries ,
formulated by the international hair expert, Yuko Yamashita  
Sunsilk teamed up with
straight hair expert Yuko Yamashita to bring only the best results for straight
hair. In the
range, which comprises a shampoo and conditioner,  it has of an advanced
formula with Straight Lock TechnologyTM that
penetrates deep into the hair fibre, reduces frizz and actively holds every
strand perfectly aligned as it dries.  There is  ‘magic moment’ between wet and dry
hair when it looks perfectly straight. However, as hair starts to dry, it often
becomes frizzy and loses its shape. What Sunsilk Perfect Straight does is to
lock in the straightness in each strand, allowing hair to stay straight as it
dries. Cool kan? I never thought of this before until Sunsilk
came out with this range. So, with Sunsilk Perfect Straight we can now enjoy
“wash and go” straight hair without any damage. 
Hannah Tan was the Emcee
of the day , I was captivated by her straight beautiful hair. Wow! 

At the launch, Sunsilk
introduced Perfect Straight in theatrical fashion with a mini-play to bring to
life the proposition in achieving straight hair with just one wash.  
Next, a hair showcase
featured girls walking down the runway and flaunting their gorgeous straight
locks of varying lengths, perfected only by using Sunsilk and not styling
products. It is not only for long straight hair, it is also great for short boy
cut hair style, short-medium length and many more. 

On top of that, there
was also a demonstration on the stage to show the effectiveness of
Sunsilk Perfect Straight.
It was proven in front of my own eyes the amazing-ness of this
shampoo to get a beautiful straight hair by only one wash.  A
hairstylist also demonstrated the noticeable difference that Sunsilk Perfect
Straight makes by washing a model’s hair on stage. The model’s hair was
split-ed into two sections, left side was applied Sunsilk Perfect Straight
conditioner and another side was applied nothing. The result could be seen
pretty obvious . 

 ‘Sunsilk Beautifully
17 September 2014 
   28 October 2014 
Sunsilk is calling on girls to take up
the ‘Sunsilk Beautifully Straight Challenge’ for
a chance to win up to RM10,000 in total prizes.
Sunsilk designed a
special game that asks particiapnts to draw as many straight lines as possible
within 30 seconds. Sounds easy to you! Go try it yourself. Wiida just able to
draw 10 perfect lines in 30 seconds! sedihnya… haha. well, actually I’m giving you a chance, not
because I can’t draw the lines but I just don’t want to win everything.
(excuses) hihi. prizes up to RM 10,000, who doesn’t want to win? !
How to join the contest?
as many straight lines as you can within 30 seconds. I dare you!
the most creative slogan about the Sunsilk Perfect Straight
10 lucky winners with
the top scores and most creative slogans will each receive RM100 cash vouchers
and Sunsilk products

One night’s stay for two at
the Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur, RM300 shopping vouchers and Sunsilk products

Perfect Straight shampoo (340ml, RM12.90) 
Perfect Straight conditioner (320ml, RM12.90) 
to get? : 
 all leading
supermarkets and retail outlets nationwide. 
Guardian, Caring, Giant, Tesco, Aeon  & many more.

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