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Cornetto Love: Hikayat po and Lang

September 11, 2014
post will be a bit different than usual. I love watching beauty videos on YouTube
especially before going to bed. Well, to be exact, it is my habit watching
video before sleeping. Well, I fall asleep while listening to their video.
However, I’ve noticed an interesting catchy advertisement on YouTube. It’s
Hikayat Po and Lang from Cornetto. Po is Pochong and Lang stands for
Ghost story on YouTube? At first, I accidentally watched the first episode,
it’s creepy ads drawn my attention to continue watching the film because it is
unique. I would normally click “skip ad” but not for this time. my
heart almost fell off after watching this video. I was like… “wey!
cerita hantu?! “I thought it is a full horror ghost story but actually, nay, it
is a comedic romantic ghost love story. You guys should watch them all from the
start! I’m addicted to it; watch it from episode 1 for few times until episode
4. Aku pulak
yang malu-malu watching this love story. comellah Lang.

Here is the trailer from Hikayat Po and Lang. 

 Have you watched it? If
not, click here to watch all
and check out the Hantu Jus app as well. Okay
I will put up the episode 1 for you guys to watch because it is my favorite
episode where Po met Lang for the first time and he asked Yoyol to help him to
tackle Lang. You guys should watch the video; I don’t want to be the spoiler.
The story is worth to be watched.

You can find all of episodes here.



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