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20 Facts about me (Instagram)

September 3, 2014
20 facts about Wiida Ribbon. Oh dear, this tag been viral on instagram. I was tagged by @_panaaa4 @syafiqahhashimxoxo and @trisy7 . 
Get ready to read my 20 weirdonessss. 
1) I love to talk to myself.hello! Dont say that it is only me. I know many of u guys also love to talk to yourself. Hehe. Cakap sorang-sorang. 
2) I may look friendly but actually I’m pemalu yang amat sangat! 
3) I have a loyal listener; gegurl my graceful cat. 
4) I’ve a weird habit, Before going to bed, I always open any beauty video on youtube and let it play. I only can sleep when i listening to it. It’s like listening to a lecture in class. 
5) sometimes…. ( bruno mars -lazy day song) I feel like doing nothing and wake me up when sep ends. Ok, memang tak logik. 
6) I love pink but I don’t have pink clothes . So faham-fahamlah 
7) I love to talk to animals. Dont say Im crazy cause my whole family does that too. Atok nenek moyang cucu cicit pupu papat pipit. Semua lah! Meow! 
8) I love bunny but allergic to it. Damn! That is a really funny fact bout me. My sister laughed at me. Bertuah punya adik! 
9) I love makeup. Face makeup, car makeup. 
10) I love to eat but I’m picky too. 
11) My dad said : Wiida kuat jalan! . Ya I am. I love to travel. Travel to mall pun okay lah! Hahaha. 
12) scroll down my insta, see my photos. I love to take selfie  
13) I love to play with makeup before going to bed. Then gegurl would do a “weird” “quirky” face. Then I malu, cuci muka, tidur. 
14) I don’t drink coffee . Only chocolate / vanilla milk. or my favorite teh tarik. 
15) I’m clumsy. Full stop. 
16) My gossip partners: gegurl, lily, shaza & my dad. Hehe. 
17) I don’t dye my hair anymore, its naturally brown but sometimes I use De’syam ( natural buah noni extract) .
18) I love mirrors. My eyes always look for a mirror. Even when I driving, I always tengok mirror- its either to pandang belakang, or to pandang my face. 
19) I have one lips but my lipsticks are more than 50. 
20) I am a cat superhero. My job is to rescue cats when they need help. Panjat bumbung, panjat pagar, panjat ladder. Ya, memang my job pun. 
I love being who I am.  

If you are interested to do this tag, please do so and tag me so that I am able to see your 20 facts about you. 🙂 I love to read yours too! Tag me on instagram! Thank you! <3

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