Samsung NX mini Selfie camera

May 13, 2014

Samsung NX Mini camera has been in my hands for couple of weeks and after using it and explore all the functions and almost every single features, I decided to share some of the reasons why this camera gets attention and love from me back couple of weeks. I don’t say that I’m good in camera , gadgets whatsoever cause I’m still in process of learning it. Nevertheless, as a blogger and selfie queen, I’m quite particular in taking pretty and high quality pictures.


Design is one of the most important elements when I looking for a good camera. I’m not saying that I doesn’t care the pictures’ quality, but the design is equally important too. Isn’t it?
The design is very simple, light, sleek and compact. It is very easy to carry around with this camera without feeling nothing.

What I like the most is the 180 degree flip up and touch screen . I just loving it. The size of the display screen is 75.2mm (3.0”) which is wide and clear enough to see my face.  It makes my job much easier and I could see my face , pose and frame myself into the screen before capturing. Just refer to the picture below, my cat is looking at the screen while I holding the camera in front of her.

I have been carrying this camera for the past few weeks and for some reason  I’m using it every single of day whenever I need a clearer and high quality pictures camera cause handphone camera is just not enough.

Here are some pictures taken throughout the weeks.

By saying the truth , as a freelance make up artist, you would not care about camera anymore, what’s in your mind is only the makeup essentials and client’s house map. That’s it! Therefore, you would always forget to bring your DSLR ,the heavy bulky professional high quality camera and always ended up taking client’s photo by using handphone camera or sometimes you just forget about it because the lighting is not enough and camera picture is not pretty enough to capture the truth.
Hence, I’m so thankful for having this camera in my handbag for all this time because it’s so light and I didn’t feel like bringing camera in my bag. End of the story, Samsung NX Mini is my saviour!

Mode: Manual
Natural Light

Mode: Manual
Natural Light

Smart Mode: Beauty face
Under indoor light, night time. 

Selfie Shots

There’s 3 selfie mode shots.

First is the normal 3 seconds selfie, so once you click the button, you’ve 3 seconds to get ready and adjust your pose and angle.

Automatic Smile Shot. 

Smart Mode: Beauty Face

Wink Shot

To use wink mode, you need to give two times wink and the once detected, it would capture the picture automatically after the sign given.

Smile Shot
This is the best mode among the all because I always frame my friends using this mode. I would flip the screen to them and ask them to smile and it would automatically capture their unready faces. hehehe.

HD Video Recording

As a blogger and also youtuber (even I am not really active in making videos), anyhow, camera with videos is very important to me. This camera has Full HD video of 1920 X 1080/ 30p , 1280 X 720/ 30p , 640 X 480 /30p and 320 X 240 / 30p.  It is great to make youtube videos and vlogs. If you want to upgrade your camera, I would highly recommend you to get this camera.

Red button is for recording. 

Wide Lens

The basic lens (NX-M 9mm F3.5 ED Lens) comes together in starter kit is wide enough to selfie with friends. It is an ultra-slim design lens and its wide angle makes it as an ideal choise to capture landscapes and self-potraits. However, there’s external lens  NX-M 9-27mm F.35-5.6 ED OIS Lens ) and would be available in the market starting 1st June 2014.  This lens is selling separately from the camera. It is a micro-compact zom lens and small enough to fit into pockets and bags. This compact sized lens offers variety of shooting options from wide-angle to telephoto shots includes optical image stabilization for sharp image results. 
NX-M 9mm F3.5 ED Lens – comes in the kit : RM 659
NX-M 9-27mm F.35-5.6 ED OIS Lens – sold separately RM 929

 Smart Mode: Beauty Face 

 Smart Mode: Beauty Face

Wi-Fi Connectivity 

How to connect and transfer camera files to phone? I’ve explained it in my previous post however if you missed it, you may read here. 

Gallery-Extra Photos

Smart Mode: Beauty Face 

Smart Mode: Beauty Face

Smart Mode: Rich Tone
Blogging product pictures

Mode: Manual
Blogging product pictures

Mode: Manual
Blogging product pictures

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All pictures taken without editing or filter except for the watermark and resize.

Samsung NX mini with starter lens (9mm F3.5 ED lens) 
RM 1399

Wiida Ribbon

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  • Reply Syaza Suhana May 14, 2014 at 2:34 am

    Alamak tempteddd ): I agree phone camera is not enough! Wargh >.<

    • Reply Wiida Ribbon May 14, 2014 at 2:45 pm

      Yup! you need to have a compact and light camera to bring along in your handbag. tapi kena high quality pictures la. This camera is good enough to selfie! <3 but lately, kalau see my instagram with great high quality photos, semua nye Samsung NX mini. senang nak transfer to phone without buka laptop.

  • Reply Wiida Ribbon May 14, 2014 at 2:43 pm

    aah! cantik! pink and green mint dia lawa akak! mint green dia wiida admire sangat sangat!

  • Reply Seven Owls June 20, 2014 at 3:37 pm

    Hi may i know where can i buy this camera?

    • Reply Wiida Ribbon June 22, 2014 at 4:16 pm

      hello there, you can get it at all Samsung counters or camera dealers. 🙂

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