Beautiful and confident with VEET

March 12, 2014

VEET, Number one
depilatory cream brand also known as HAIR-REMOVER products inclusive cream and
wax strips. It helps to boost women confidence by removing hair on the body and
let you wear whatever you want freely. Of course, now you are able to show your
sexy legs to your husband.. OPS!
Anyhow, Veet helps you to get beautiful
smooth skin without making the hair growing thicker. They believe that every
woman are deserved to get beautiful hair-free skin with gentle touch of care.
By using Veet, It eventually saves you in
monetary value and time especially for busy woman. Yes, Most of  GEN-Y 
ladies are career women, hunting for time as time is precious money.  Well, The Veet Be Beautiful & Confident
contest is a way to let Malaysian women to boost their confidence by getting
smooth, hair-free legs with touch of femininity into themselves.
Personally , I used to use their cream
product but now I am more into their wax strips. If you are afraid of
“waxing” maybe you should try the cream first like I do. Long time
back, I was afraid of waxing because I always see on the videos that they show
“the most painful face” while doing waxing. Let me tell you one
secret….They are Drama Queens! hehehe.
Anyway, for the first time user,  I would like to suggest you to use Veet cream
first as It is harmless, no pain and you would get smooth skin and the hair is
removed safely from the roots.  I found
out that the next hair that growing is thinner and finer.  If you are not scared of “waxing”,
I suggest you to get “wax strips” because that is my favorite.  Well, it might cause you a little bit pain
but only if you never done this before (but to me, even on my first time, it
went well, I did not feel any pain. I think maybe because I am a steel woman,
IRONWOMAN!)  but trust me, it would last
you longer , satisfied and the next  hair
would growing slowly, and lesser.

1) You just need to purchase any VEET products worth RM 15
from WATSONS only
! (please  keep the
receipt )
3) Register you details together
with your “selfie” or any “pose” photo.
Tips for the photo:
LADIES, half body photo would be good enough to submit. Since this
is VEET contest, you might consider to give “feminine, confident and
beautiful sides of women”.  Just
pose like a princess!
ends on 31st March 2014

There’s also special online coupon for you girls to enjoy RM 5 off at Watsons. Just download and
print it out.
Link to the coupon:

Try Veet, Do It Yourself (DIY) at home.
Join this contest, it is very easy! COME ON PEOPLE!

  1. PURCHASE Veet products worth RM 15 at Watsons
  2. UPLOAD your selfie photo based on your creativity
  3. Fill up the details
Thank you girls, I hope I  see
you as the 10 winners in this contest!
Calling for 10 lucky ladies~
Izara Aishah wants to do makeover with you girls <3
Wiida Ribbon

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