Freshlook colorblends in Amethyst review

December 12, 2013

BC: Median
Diameter: 14.5
Soft Contact lens
Color: Amethyst (Three-tone)
Brand: FreshLook
Period: One month use.

Short Review

First at all, I love the color, it naturally blend with my original eyes color and makes my eyes look brighter and sharp.

My personal opinions
I’m not usually wear contact lens except for special occasions but the texture of these lens are very soft and maybe I’m not used to it, so I feel a bit weird and not comfortable while wearing them on. Hmmm. Previously I wore Hazel color from the same brand but I have no problem with it, but this time, I do not know why I feel not comfortable wearing them. Maybe my eyes problems? or….. maybe because I’ve been not wearing this brand for a long time? Too soft for me. hahaha. Sorry, too many complaints. If too soft also got problem, too hard also has problem, what kind of lens I want? hahaha. I will try to open another box, another color to try with. If I still feel not comfortable, I think it is because of my eyes and myself. 
Next is the color itself, amethyst, sexy purple eyes. I must say they’re pretty on the eyes. Seriously, I don’t feel weird or awkward to face the public. Feel like they’re my natural eyes color. Aceh! hahahah I know its kinda perasan / syok sendiri but I like them very much. *Flip hair, mat saleh jap.. 
Hope this short review could help you to try more lens colors instead of plain black, dark brown and grey contact lens. This is so much fun! Seriously, I think you should go for purple, light brownish pink color , green and blue for more exciting eyes color. If mat saleh can rock different eyes’ colors everyday , why not us Asian? hehehe. 

Promotion  going on:
Sunway Pyramid Optical shop near by to MCD ice cream booth/ Digi store.
3 boxes of Freshlook lens only for RM90. *while stocks last. 

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Photos were taken by using Sony NEX 3N. Non-edited photos. 

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