ARTDECO is now in SASA Malaysia!

December 3, 2013
ARTDECO is a Germany makeup brand. Only in few years, ARTDECO has become the most successful make-up brand in Germany’s perfumeries and cosmetics institutes. ARTDECO has broad range of modern colors, variety of refillable products that can be changed everyday. In each day, you can change your current makeup palette with variety of eyeshadow colors.
Most of the makeup are made from specialist from different countries to get high quality of makeup said the ARTDECO Vice President Marketing, Ms Anna Blasco. Hence, most of the products were formulated from the best specialists and great quality in one brand. Each product has their own outstanding quality. 
Lets have a mini tour on these photos to know more about ARTDECO products. 

The eyeshadows are refillable. They’re selling the cute travel-friendly palette and eyeshadows in separate. 

Nail polishes/ nail lacquer

The lipgloss is quite pigmented and not sticky. There are two types; shimmery and plain lipglosses.

Mineral powder. 

We were given a chance to play around with the makeup and guess what, I did half of my makeup overthere. I came there without eyeliner, no eyeshadow on lids and minimal amount of makeup. But at the end of the event, I went back with a complete makeup look. Totally a makeover peeps! 

On that night, there was a makeup demo by Derek Grillo (ARTDECO International Make Up Artist & Head of International Training) . He did two-look makeup on Amber Chia; daytime makeup look and another one “going wild” makeup look. 

After that, I went hyper and over excited after playing with this cosmetics and took a lot of photos. This is one of my favourite naughty photos with Edazz.
Just want to post this photo up with Amber Chia and Elaine Daly.Thank you to “ShopGirl” for emailing me this photo. Highly appreciate it.

Now it is time for you to try the products since Sasa is having awesome great discounts for Christmas Sale!
Oh, I want to share some of my favourite items from this brand which are: the pen eyebrow (it looks like marker pen, but it’s great to draw eyebrow frame/line) , their lipsticks are highly pigmented, non-smudging pencil eyeliner (since I tested it out on that night, it is very great to wear on waterline) and also their mascara (I do not know which one, but it makes my eyes pop out after wearing that mascara together with the eyeliner). Highly recommend you to try them all at the store. Maybe the brand is new to you but the quality can’t be denied.

Photos credit to: Sasa Malaysia and Shopgirl .

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