My First Experience with Zalora Malaysia

September 11, 2013
Assalamualaikum and Hello!
I know Zalora is one of online shopping stop that has been known by almost EVERYONE in Malaysia. But not ALL.. but still, even my mom that never shopping online also knows ZALORA. Guess how did she know? Well, Zalora used to be on Malaysia TV channel  🙂 Gotcha! My mom is quite cool right? She knows everything going on ,on TV. Only ON TV. Not on FB, Twitter, BLOG or not even on any websites. she’s just a hardcore of TV channel. Okay, move on to
I still remember, years back, they used to face some difficulties where in their first year of celebrating and do promotion for Raya/ Aidilfitri/ Eid-Ul-Fitr , people turned crazy and do last minute shopping with them. With over-whelming response, Zalora couldn’t handle the over load orders and ended up, some of the customers didn’t get their parcel. Well, that was long time back,not now anymore. They already implement better and organized system for the customers to enjoy their secure online shopping experience with them. There’s also variety of brands and items on their website.
Since I never experienced buying products from them, so, for the first time, I decided to buy one pair of Kiss & Tell heels from them to experience the service and ALSO to enjoy RM 20 off for subscribing their email. <3
I know I know, it’s kind of forcing you to subscribe their email, but in a way of return, you got your RM 20 off ! hehe. So far, I haven’t get any email updates from them (after 3 days subscribing their email )
What make these shoes are so special from other unbranded/ korea pre-order pump shoes?
Well, honestly speaking, I got a lot of Korea pump shoes (roughly more than 5 pairs)
MY FIRST pair of HEELS from Kiss and Tell is…


pretty right my new babies 🙂 heheh..
I love them so much! my first most comfortable heels ever!

“The packaging that I’ve received”

They sent out a green big box and the shoes are in the box.
Not to forget, there’s also Kissandtell shoes box in the Zalora box packaging.
So basically you’ll get two boxes, double secure. By this, the shoes are safe and won’t spoil the shape of the shoes inside. 🙂

This is the box that I’d received.

Kiss and Tell shoes box is inside the big box!

Tadaaa~ My shoes were covered  with the special dusty shoes wrappers.

The slips that I’ve received together with the shoes are;
  • 2 sided paper; invoice/receipt together with return slip
  • Pos Laju Form with their printed account numer (free return)
  • Envelope with promotional instruction on it (how to get rebate) and Thank you wish.
  • And spare/extra heels base. 
“The Shoes”

Lets take a look on the shoes.

Sweet kan the colour combination? <3

The design is so pretty, high quality, unique and some more the workmanship is very neat.There’s no defects or imperfection on the shoes. 
The price is really reasonable with the quality that we received. 
They look really customable and designed well to get women’s satisfaction with heels.
I know people will say; 
“heels are killers”.
But Kiss and Tell made the heels into….
a different world and different perception. 
“heels help you rose your confidence and it is a NEED”
Okay, back to my Pink Valerie. 
Oh… the name suits with the shoes’ prettiness
Want to know my thoughts?
This pair of shoes is so comfortable to wear! 
Trust me!
 Most of my pump shoes and even other pump shoes that I’ve tested during photo shoot and sponsored shoes are not comfortable and there’s nothing compared to this Pink Valerie!
 Like seriously, they are stable to wear, comfortable , soft material at the toes part and also soft material at the back of ankle part. They are very comfortable.
 Besides that, Kiss and Tell shoes designs are suit / ngam ngam with my feet. I don’t know why. Most of pump shoes or high heels in the stores will be a bit loose or got a bit space when I put them on and sometimes when I walk few steps with the 5″ heels, I would feel the shoes like taking off from my feet. BUT NOT with this pair. It fits perfectly with my feet. You should try these shoes! 
Very comfortable, Stable and  it Fly you away with the high. 
I will start collecting shoes from KISS AND TELL <3 haha. gedik nye. everything also want! shoes, makeup, handbags, iphone 5s, new clothes and macam2 la! 
I need to start saving up and find rich husband. haha.
(die la if my parents see this statement, kena membebel =,=” )

“The Services by Zalora”

Quite fast what I can say…. I did my order on Saturday and they sent out the item on Sunday and I received it on MONDAY! See! even during weekend they do their work and the delivery only takes about 2-3 days!
I definitely will  order with Zalora again especially on weekend online shopping. 🙂

If you are hesitate and feel insecure to order with Zalora, you also can do Payment upon delivery. Meaning, once the item arrive at your door-step, then you pay straightly to the delivery man. So, it’s in win win situation. You get the item on the spot and pay cash to them without step out from house. Save your parking money, save your petrol money and time! 

Other information about Zalora
*free delivery for purchase of RM 75 and above.
*30 days free return
*Cash on Delivery (pay upon the delivery)
*There’s almost 50 000 products/items on Zalora website
Read here to know more details on Zalora


Kiss and Tell wishlist:
Ashleigh pumps in Electric Blue
Abby Heels in Nude
Moschino pumps in Pastel Purple
Dior Lace Peep Toe

Now you’ve the rough idea what you should get for me for my birthday presentS. 🙂
Purposely put big S. anyone wants to give me hadiahS?

Thank you for reading!


Mwah Mwah;

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  • Reply MG schmidt September 13, 2013 at 3:20 am

    comelnya color dia jarang2 jumpa mcm ni 🙂
    nice sgt!
    tp cepat plak ea receive parcel
    org ckp kne tgu 2-3 weeks tu i didnt purchase with zalora yet 🙂

    happy heels 🙂

    • Reply Wiida Ribbon September 15, 2013 at 3:33 am

      Hi, maybe kalau 2-3 weeks delivery sbb byk order kot. But, First time experience mmg okay la. :)selalu nye with 2-3 days working days. Kalau lambat tu kena contact Zalora la.

      Kasut ni lawa kan? lain sikit. I pun jatuh hati smpi sayang nak pakai. hahah.

  • Reply Puteri Panda September 13, 2013 at 6:12 am

    Cantiknya! Great choice, dear. Sesuai untuk Wiida. Semua kasut Kiss & Tell cantik2. Wishlist kita sama la! Haha. Nak juga Dior Lace Peep Toe, Ashleigh Pumps in Nude & Abby Heels in Nude. Tapi sekarang saya nak sangat Constance Heels in Black. Hee..

    • Reply Wiida Ribbon September 15, 2013 at 3:33 am

      Tu la. Constance Heels boleh pakai for daily basis especially in formal attire. I pun suka tu!

  • Reply Sa April 26, 2014 at 9:46 am

    Hi I mmg study tentang service zalora for my masters studies..plz ya fill up my survey…

    Pls ya fill up Zalora comment

  • Reply W. Allen Morris May 7, 2014 at 1:04 pm

    I have been trying to find the Kiss & Tell shoes that are black with pink or blue on the inside and the bottom of the outside. There is a shoe store near me that sells them, but not big enough for my feet. Where can I find them?

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