Vanity Trove Video APRIL edition

April 23, 2013
Hi readers!
Are you a cat lover?
If yes, I guess you need to watch this video.
This is actually Vanity Trove video on April box and I know it’s kind of  late but, better than never right? . So, I did this video by my own recorded using my iphone 4s with a full help from my sister, Ain. (Thank God she’s home!) .

Anyway, I did a separate review post on this box here. 

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Thank you to;
AIN, My sister for helping me and did a good job being a videographer for a day.
POLKA, my white & black cat for being my part-time actor.
OPI, my brownish cat for being my part-time assistant actor. 
And not to forget, YOU! thank you for your time.
p/s: I just did a facebook page for us to keep in touch. ^_^ 
Do drop your beauty blog url on my page so that I could read yours. 🙂 


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