Kiki’s Iphone Photos

June 30, 2012
Some pictures to share with you guys 🙂 
Sexy Poses in class after done with our “Business plan proposal on last Friday, 29 July”
Camera:  iphone
Time: 2.30 pm
Venue: Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus classroom.
From left: Riph, me and Kiki

With the birthday girl, Paula. (The only one wearing Spectacles) 
p/s: I get jealous when Riph did that pose. She looks so CUTE!! I want too! That’s why in the following pictures I did that pose too. hahaha.
I got mustache! yeay! 

Look at the right top picture. I did Riph’s pose. Peace! 
Sorry Riph, no official copy right so I just follow and copy your pose. 😛 
Right bottom photo: I do not have reasons why do I did that sarcastic face.. errr. Just for fun I guess. 
sayang, peluk, cium, love;

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