Maybelline Clear Smooth All in one BB Review- 02 Natural

September 30, 2015
Maybelline bb cream 2

BB cream is very popular among young girls that wanted to have light coverage especially for beginners as well as for daily uses. Started in Korea, BB cream has been a phenomena and a trend!

I still remembered I used to have the same Maybelline BB cream not long ago,  but I just realised that these two are different! Want to know the differences between the new and old BB cream? Keep on reading.


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Maybelline The Nudes Eyeshadow palette review

September 29, 2015
maybelline the nudes palette  3

The first Maybelline 12 shade collection curated to create infinite looks with bold beiges, sultry sands, brazen bronzes, and over the top taupes. Most of the colours in the palette are warm shades. It is also the only 12-eyeshadow palette selling in the Malaysia beauty and health store. There is no other brands brought in 12-eyeshadow palette into the market unless for high end products.

Some people say this palette is a imitation / dupe of The popular Urban Decay Naked palette but some are denying it. What do you think? Want to know my opinions? Keep on reading…


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L’oreal Mat Magique BB Essence review

September 26, 2015
Loreal Mat BB magique

L’oreal came out with the new Mat Magique BB essence that formulated with special formula transforming liquid to powder finishes bb liquid. It is the first bb liquid that giving matte finishes to the user. It dries pretty fast and feel light on the skin. They come out with few shades, less than 5 shades I believe and I got mine in the shade R1- Rose Ivory.  It is also has SPF 50++ that could protected your skin in daily basis.

It claims ” The first powder in essence BB, lightweight watery freshness, 12 hour lasting,  and poreless mattifying perfection.”

Application Tips

Liquid to powder. Shake well for the perfect mix of powder essence.  It dries pretty fast, therefore we need to apply it quickly to get even application.

Matte glass that shows it’s exclusivity and classy. It has the moderate weight and also not bulky. Travel-friendly packaging especially for daily basis makeup. The hot pink cap giving a feminine touch into it. I believe the pink color is the range color theme.

My verdict
After 6 hours application, it starts fading off. Matte finishes make my dry patches look even more obvious .Yet the texture is pretty light and easy to work with. The only highlight that I would like to speak out  is the unique applicator stick with a small bulb end. It is not user- friendly and could only picks up some of the liquid products. Maybe that is the way of applying it, little by little or need to work at one area first before moving to another area.
Besides that, it does giving poreless mattyfing finish but for dry skin, the dry patches would visible yet for combination/ normal skin, it works perfect! We could compare it with high end products, and I believe it could last up to 6 to 8 hours.

I would be giving 6/10 rating as I have very dry skin and matte liquid product is not for me. Yet, for normal/ mix complexion, this bb essence is great for you. I heard couple of praises from my friends and I believe it really does work amazingly on combination/ oily skin. Try it out!

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SK II (SK 2) NEW R.N.A POWER cream and essence (Malaysia Beauty Blogger)

September 24, 2015



“New R.N.A POWER contains our full passion and commitment to build holistic aging care, to enable women to change their destiny.” – SK II Marketing Director- Seth Sandeep

SK II just launched a new skin care range, R.N.A Power  Radical New Age for anti-aging skin care that could empower women by bringing the new healthy radiance skin back to them.

Before we go further to the topic, I would like to say something that out of topic a bit. Everyone is joining Beautybound Asia challenge, unfortunately I couldn’t join it due to short notice video making. It is not easy to make and edit video using my “3 years old Asus core i3 laptop”, took a lot of patient and time .In addition of slow internet, that could make life even difficult! okay, not complaining but that is the difficulties faced by most of designers and youtubers.

Okay, lets focus on the products overall review.

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Canmake Makeup Review – Concealor, mascara, lipstick,eyebrow stick.

September 12, 2015
New review on Canmake Japanese makeup brand is on my blog!! #canmake #canmakemakeup #wiidaribbon #malaysiabeautyreview #malaysiabeautyblogger #malaysiayoutuber

As a typical woman, we are tend to spend money into cute packaging, any item that seems cute to us. If we walk into any store like SASA, Mr DIY, Daiso, Kaison, we would look into cute stuff and our itchy hands would grab something unnecessary.
Canmake packaging is certainly CUTE and has it own iconic packaging. The princess-y girly design grabbed my attention to make them as a part of my makeup collection.
Most of the tourists coming to Malaysia wanted to get something different , especially beauty stuff, this post could might help you in finding Asia makeup products to try.

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Best Purchase in August! August HAUL

September 1, 2015
Something delicious posted on my blog. Yummy~ a combination of lipstick , perfume and accessories. #wiidaribbon #beautyblogger #colourpopultramatte #mac #macmakeup #maccosmetics #maccosmeticmalaysia #dexandra

Everyone can’t avoid from spending money and rewarding ourselves after one month working non-stop including sacrificing our weekends ya? Same goes to me.

Sometimes I am wondering too, why can’t I stop from buying lip products. I am not a person loves to touch up my lips after eating/ every an hour keep looking at my lips, open the pouch and touch up. NO WAY! That is not me.

Almost every month I got at least one lip products and this month, it is 7 pieces! What a big surprise ( I also couldn’t believe it!).

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My 2015 High End Bronzer Stash!

August 20, 2015



bronzer stash

Have you seen Sephora top feature products?

It’s all about contouring!
There is variety of contouring/ bronzer products in the market, from drugstore products to high end. Yet, drugstore brands in Malaysia doesn’t bring in bronzer collection as much as high end products.

Besides contouring, beauty lovers are also into strobing.

Strobing technique has been raving and talking among beauty addicts, it’s kinda a sudden makeup trend! . People are crazy into highlighting, strobing, getting dewy complexion and etc yet CONTOURING is one of the MUST NOT FORGETTING METHOD in makeup. I know some people would Strobing is a new trend makeup but believe it or not, it is actually already existed long time back. I doesn’t know why it suddenly becomes such a huge makeup trend mess now! Someone please explains! We have been contouring and highlighting for ages, but why suddenly, everyone is talking about strobing?! okay, whatever. Lets focus on contouring.

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Mitsui Outlet Park, KLIA Sepang , Malaysia – HAUL!

July 27, 2015
The Balm Bahama Mama


You must probably have heard of Mitsui Outlet Park, Sepang. If not, you need to continue reading this write up. It is about boosting your shopping mode to the MAXIMUM! haha! (evil laugh) . Doesn’t need to go hunting sales and spending extra money by paying retail price at their stores and enjoy the same items at their Premium outlet.

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