Best Purchase in August! August HAUL

September 1, 2015



Everyone can’t avoid from spending money and rewarding ourselves after one month working non-stop including sacrificing our weekends ya? Same goes to me.

Sometimes I am wondering too, why can’t I stop from buying lip products. I am not a person loves to touch up my lips after eating/ every an hour keep looking at my lips, open the pouch and touch up. NO WAY! That is not me.

Almost every month I got at least one lip products and this month, it is 7 pieces! What a big surprise ( I also couldn’t believe it!).

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My 2015 High End Bronzer Stash!

August 20, 2015



bronzer stash

Have you seen Sephora top feature products?

It’s all about contouring!
There is variety of contouring/ bronzer products in the market, from drugstore products to high end. Yet, drugstore brands in Malaysia doesn’t bring in bronzer collection as much as high end products.

Besides contouring, beauty lovers are also into strobing.

Strobing technique has been raving and talking among beauty addicts, it’s kinda a sudden makeup trend! . People are crazy into highlighting, strobing, getting dewy complexion and etc yet CONTOURING is one of the MUST NOT FORGETTING METHOD in makeup. I know some people would Strobing is a new trend makeup but believe it or not, it is actually already existed long time back. I doesn’t know why it suddenly becomes such a huge makeup trend mess now! Someone please explains! We have been contouring and highlighting for ages, but why suddenly, everyone is talking about strobing?! okay, whatever. Lets focus on contouring.

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Mitsui Outlet Park, KLIA Sepang , Malaysia – HAUL!

July 27, 2015
The Balm Bahama Mama


You must probably have heard of Mitsui Outlet Park, Sepang. If not, you need to continue reading this write up. It is about boosting your shopping mode to the MAXIMUM! haha! (evil laugh) . Doesn’t need to go hunting sales and spending extra money by paying retail price at their stores and enjoy the same items at their Premium outlet.

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July 8, 2015

I am kind of addicted to MAC eyeshadow. Started with New York Trip. MAC eyeshadow in NY is pretty reasonable. Each of the refill pan only costs RM 33 each (10USD) and the palette itself with insert (the shape) only RM 33 / 10USD. Incredibly cheap!

My MAC eyeshadow starter kit was only started by buying

Mulch, All that glitters, soft brown, expensive pink , satin taupe and Sable (6 eyeshadows) and  a 15-slot palette. Total 70 USD excluding tax. Meanwhile in Malaysia, one empty palette with the insert costs RM 200++, and each of refill eyeshadow costs RM 50. Imagine if I buy 6 eyeshadow plus one palette, that would cost me RM 500++!!! Phewww~

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July 7, 2015

Hi ladies,


I just found an interesting sale happening in Etude House Sunway Pyramid. I am not sure with other outlets.

I know many of us are broke in this month due to Raya festival plus GST! Seriously, I am also effected! I changed my punctured tire and it costs me RM 200 inclusive GST (spent roughly RM 15 just for GST ) Argh!!

Anyway,lets back to the track. I haven’t spend anything for myself this month since I’ve invested and paid all of my billssssssss! But as a woman, my hands are itchy and wanted to buy something! Something here meaning MAKEUP babes. haha. Makeup addicts are just born as a shopper!

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MY WEEKEND MAKEUP LOOK! (using Vegas Lights eyeshadow)

July 6, 2015

Hello ladies!

Pigment eyeshadow. Not many of us know how to use pigment eyeshadow. Some of us feel it is annoying and some have no idea what it is all about!

For this makeup tutorial, I used MAKEUP GEEK VEGAS LIGHTS pigment to show a demo on how to use pigment eyeshadow as well guiding the viewers in creating warm copper eye look. Thank you for watching my video and read my humble post, see you in the next video & post! There would be more exciting videos coming up!

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Raya Makeup Tutorial #RayaCantikBergaya 2015

July 1, 2015

Hello ladies!

Since Raya is around the corner (well, to be exact it’s another 16 days), I’d recorded a Raya Makeup tutorial for beginner.

In this video I showed how to do a proper makeup, and make the makeup lasts longer.
Besides that I also will be showing you how to draw eyebrow in steps plus eyeliner using gel liner.

It’s very easy, all you need is only PRACTICING + try and error!

Hope this video is helpful, see you in the next video ya?
Thank you.

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