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Best of Beauty 2015 – Wiida Special Edition

February 3, 2016
too faced born this way


When we step into a new year, all beauty bloggers and youtubers start to showing off and reveal their Top picks beauty stuffs and so do I.  Well, it sounds like following the trend but the reason why I shared my beauty favourites because I Enjoyed watching and read  other write up and I believe others would feel the same things. Although we are already in the month of February , I am pretty sure most of you still enjoy reading favorite beauty list. I am here clearly want to state that I am not trying to brag or even showing off and comparing my tremendous makeup collection with others.I am here TO SHARE my short overall reviews on my favorites. Please bare in your mind, it might works on me and no on you. Therefore, feel free to try as all these items are highly recommended by me and hopefully it works wonderful on you too.



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Physician Formula pH Match Maker Lipgloss Review

January 26, 2016
physician formula lipgloss 5


First and foremost, lets congrats Physician Formula for stepping into Malaysia beauty stores. Yeay!!  This California brand offers Healthy Good for your skin- Glamorous products that aims to solve every woman’s makeup needs and reveal their most glamorous self.  They sent me a sample of lipgloss to try and of course, I am here to write the first impression and review on the lipgloss.  


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Worthy Book Voucher May 2015- April 2016 (Ladies edition)

January 25, 2016

Hello everyone!

I am back after a week went missing and pretty busy with my full scheduled plan. Luckily I have my very own beautiful planner and it is full with productive schedule.

Worthy Book Voucher is one of the first voucher book retailer in Malaysia, offering variety of discount coupons, free promotional vouchers.Caution! This is the ladies edition voucher book therefore all ladies might fall into my trap. hehe. Well, it is for your own benefits too, sharing information together. 

At first I wanted to collect the book by myself at their office, MidValley yet due to my hectic schedule, the PR willing to post the book out through snail post. It takes quite some  time to reach at my friend’s house ( well, my house is under renovation, therefore, no post box at that moment).  At first I was a bit frustrated due to time taken by the Pos Office, yet after receiving the book, all of my disappointment washed off and excitement appears.

“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, yet I do. Every time I chose a book or any item, I do have the first impression , design as well the presentation of the design. The book itself made neatly, and organised with various of categories in it. It featuring awesome brands more than 70 brands! Frankly speaking, I love the model cover design. 

Worthy Book MAy2015-apr 2016

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My Washi Tape Collection

January 10, 2016
Blogging on my washi tape collection. Some of them I got from @theplannerbunny  and @shop.four38six .  btw , semua ni salah @hellolilyyyy ! Ada one day dia posted washi tape, tu psal i addicted!

washi tape collection malaysia
Welcome to a new year with new resolutions, new mission, new objective and of course, revamping our new life. I just feel like organising my planner and life is very crucial in order to plan, spice up my life with productivity and outlining my life dreams.

I don’t want to get my dreams and aims wasted, therefore I put a lot of effort in spruce up my planner just to spice up my mood in following the planner.

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NotbookNotbuk DIY Binder Planner review 2016

January 1, 2016



notbook notbuk COVER 2


Happy New Year!

I would like to apologies for went missing for couple of weeks. I have been busy adapting myself at my new work place and pretty busy with

But that won’t stop me from blogging. I did uploaded my review on Notbook notbuk 2016 planner, but didn’t update the blogpost with photos. So, here you go, the details of the DIY Binder photos.

The total of all these were RM 99 including postage. If you want to know more on the price list, do visit their website and happy window shopping! http://notbooknotbuk.com/


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Collective Haul- Part 1

December 11, 2015
@zoellabeauty ❤️

Year End so far is my best joyful time to shop especially when there are lots of SALE, DISCOUNTS, ATTRACTIVE PACKAGES, CHRISTMAS DEALS and DESIGNS, and the time for us to change our closet and so on. Most of winter and fall collection are into my style, long sleeves, comfortable shirts and suits me perfectly. I just admire and obsess with most of Christmas collection.

Yet, the obsession of shopping need to be controlled. I would be doing two haul part as I don’t want to make this haul been too long, so I divide them into two. One is the first collective haul and the next collective haul would be more into fashion and couple of beauty items (gifts from friends around). Although I am not celebrating Christmas but do received gifts in conjunction of other events, not Christmas of course but I do enjoyed Christmas packages and deals 😛 You are very welcome to give me christmas gifts  hehehe. ( tak tau malu mintak hadiah)

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Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipcream Review& Swatches

December 6, 2015

Lipstick is the most popular makeup item in the world, so do my interest in picking up more lipsticks compared to other makeup items. No wonder as it could glam up your entire look by applying with any lips color, your face would look a total different!

Matte lipstick is the most coverage formula, it might dry the lips but the longevity is most unbeatable! Yet, how about Ultra lips color?

Colourpop ultra matte

Continue reading if you want to know more, and I would be talking on the swatches first then only the review.

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INTEC Malaysia The Best Education in Malaysia

December 1, 2015
Kalau sebut nama INTEC, tentu ramai yang kurang kenal atau mungkin tidak tahu langsung mengenai pusat pengajian tinggi ini.

Padahal, kolej swasta yang dulunya dikenali Kolej Pengajian Persediaan / Pusat Pendidikan Persediaan (KPP/PPP) ini adalah antara institusi terawal dengan reputasi mantap dalam sistem pendidikan di Malaysia.

Kolej di bawah pengurusan UiTM Holdings ini menawarkan program persediaan bertaraf antarabangsa  sebelum para pelajar melanjutkan pengajian ke luar negara dan juga pelbagai kursus peringkat Diploma.

Nak tahu lebih lanjut? Apa kata  golongan pelajar lepasan SPM dan ibu bapa di luar sana cuba layari www.intec.edu.my.

#intec #intecec #kenalintec #education #shahalam #monday #11162015 #day1  @intec_ec

Some people would prefer popular -in trend of colleges, but do you know, the most important “key” to choose an institute is by looking at the preferable course and see the course outline. Not because of the popularity of chasing for the name.

INTEC has achieved continous success in various programmes offered, which made it a leading brand in its own segment for international education hub since 1983. They have stable education base and intellectual lecturers for grooming the youth students.

Its various programs namely Pre University collaboration with leading international universities, Intensive Bridging Programme (IBP), Professional Accountacy programme (IPAC) and diplomas among others, has established the institution over the years.

With INTEC, the students will be ensured embrace different experience of a distinguished education ecosystem.

10 reasons for you to choose INTEC:

1. Enriching learning experience that enhance students’ knowledge and sharpen their interpersonal skills

2. Provides assistance in strengthening curricular foundation before entering preparatory programme

3. Increases chances in succeeding tertiary education by improving literacy, numeracy and social skills

4. Explore and discover students interests

5. Fills in free time with quality activities

6. Develops interest in continuing studies via fun learning environment

7. Affordable fees inclusive of accommodations

8. Accredited curriculum with global recognition

9. Qualified and experienced teaching staff

10. Located at the heart of Selangor – Shah Alam

Learn more about us at:
Website: www.intec.edu.my
Hotline: +603 5522 7000
Facebook: INTEC Education College
Instagram: @intec_ec
Twitter: @intec_edu_col


INTEC MALAYSIA Diploma in Business Management & Diploma in Public Management and Governance 2015

November 21, 2015


INTEC Malaysia is currently open two popular Diploma programs  – Diploma in Business Management (DBM) & Diploma in Public Management and Governance (DPMG) for registration.
INTEC has decided to extend the application period until December 2015. To SPM students, if you are planning to join INTEC university, this is the time. Right after SPM, you may continue your study in Diploma and graduate faster than expected timeline compared to your batches.

For those interested to join the programme, Find out the details and requirements on the official website – www.intec.edu.my today. Follow social media platforms too for daily updates. Thank you!

Facebook: INTEC Education College
Instagram: @intec_ec
Twitter: @intec_edu_col


L’Oreal Tint Caresse in Plum Blossom Review (Malaysia Beauty Blogger)

November 17, 2015
I am in currently obsessed with Loreal Tint Caresse as im now into tinted lips. You can get this cool product at hermo. They are currently on sale. www.hermo.my /@hermomy #hermomy #hermoxloreal #lorealtintcaresseplumblossom #lorealtintcaresse

L'Oreal Tint Caresse plum blossom

L’oreal Tint Caresse is been defined as “The 1st lip gradation pen, infused with tints from the most refined blend of precious flowers. Its expert applicator with soft cushion tip gently blends in color for the most natural ombre effect lips instantly bloom with a velvety matte finish. “.

Yet for me, it is the first powder lips color & multi-purpose makeup product that be used on the face either on the lips, eyes as eyeshadow and blusher as well. This L’Oreal Tint Caresse  is not in Malaysia yet but you can get it through online shop at Hermo.



L'Oreal Tint Caresse plum blossom- 1

Honestly speaking,the  pointed sponge applicator makes me feel it very easy to apply, it follows the shape of my lips,and it is even blend-able. The idea of sponge pointed applicator is just genius, it works in both ways; ombre and full lips application as well.

Besides that, I have tried this product on my underlash part as my eyeshadow and it is also works incredible! I feel like, we just need this product for light weight makeup use.

The color just works wonder, it has bold color but feel nothing on the lips. In other way, should I say I feel my lips are naked and my lips color is naturally like that? Without wearing any lipstick? hahaha. People won’t know that I am wearing lipstik after using this L’Oreal Tint Caresse.

L'Oreal Tint Caresse plum blossom swatches

Texture and Formulation

It doesn’t work like most of lip cream and marker tint. Although the formulation is a powder color product, it doesn’t makes the lips drying and blend-able. This great multi-purpose product is good to be used for undereye lashes eye color, contingency eyeshadow  and even blusher. Everything you can get in one tube!

This is perfect for girls out there who are looking for a lightweight lip color and walk like a DIVA!

Is this product long-lasting? Definitely yes! It is long lasting, I have tested it out on my lips and it remains there on my lips even after three hours with eating. Cool product I must say.

You should try this out!! <3 The first powder lipstick that I ever had in my collection.


STEPS to Apply the lipstick

Korean style

  1. Conceal your lips.
  2. Apply the product at the centre of your lips.
  3. Smooch like a Diva, now you look innocent , natural, fresh and pretty.

Sexy Lady

  1. Scrub your lips
  2. Apply the product starting from the centre of the lips.
  3. Then make sure the you follow the lips shape. Precise the cupid shape.
  4. And now your are ready to walk in Public and be Kylie J.


You can get the lipstick at Hermo for SALE Price!

Hermo Loreal Tint Caresse