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Happy Birthday Althea |Althea turns 1

July 24, 2016
althea 3

Althea is now turning one year old  on 20th July 2016, Happy Birthday and Congratulations to Althea Team for expanding their wings and become one of the trusted Korean Beauty Cosmetics Online store in the market. Conjunction of the achievement, Althea would like to share their happiness and celebrate the birthday with everyone! WITH YOU! Yes You! Pretty lady!

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My Favorite Lipsticks-June 2016 | Malaysian Beauty Blogger

July 16, 2016
top lipsticks 2

Every woman must have at least one lipstick in their purse and as a lipstick junkie, I just need a special case to store some of my favorite lipsticks of the month in one bag and bringing it along in handbag. I just can’t made up my mind in choosing the lips colors. Sometimes I probably use three to 4 different type of lipsticks and colors to spicy up my day. I guess it is normal for all girls to have one look complement with different lip colors.

This month I have been picking up few new lips products in the market which could be found from Watsons , Sephora, MAC Store & online. Continue reading to know more and will provide the details at each of the photos.

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Meriahnya Raya |Baju Raya Jakel 2016

July 3, 2016

Raya nak dekat dah! Dah beli Baju Raya? Tak tau nak beli baju raya kat mana last minute ni?
Honestly speaking, bukan senang nak cari baju raya last minute ni. BAnyak kedai dah habis size. TAPI, nak tau kat mana size pasti ada? JAKEL la, mana lagi!

Perasan tak, every year kalau last minute nak raya, Jakel mesti penuh dengan abam-abam malaya? Of courselah, time ni la abam-abam kita yang suka shopping last minute akan berada di Jakel dan sedaya upaya mendapatkan harga terbaik untuk baju raya mereka. Ada orang cakap “Selalunya orang lelaki ni suka dahulukan isterinya, sayang katanya, belikan apa isteri nak biarpun si suami tak ada baju raya pun takpe, asalkan isteri cun”. BETUL KE? he he he. Terpulang pada individual tu la kan?

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Chriszen Roller Moist Cream Ampoule Plus Review

June 16, 2016
Chriszen Roller_-10



Roller moist foundation applicator is a new trend design in the market. Not many companies have roller applicator yet I have seen more and more Korean brands come out with roller applicator. Frankly speaking, Chriszen Roller Moist is the first brand and product that comes out the brilliant idea of roller applicator. Later on, I started to see other brands in the market. I might be wrong , but that is what I have observed based on my monthly window shopping habit. Heeeee >,<

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Fashion Valet Raya 2016 Collection

June 6, 2016
Syomirizwa Gupta ALL

Today is the first Ramadhan and many designers have come out their “Raya Collection designs” for the festive season. Fashion Valet ( also known affectionately FV) is popularly known carrying the hottest and biggest local and Southest Asian brands, designs for Raya collections. This include many of local and international popular designers in South East Asia.

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DR IRMA’s Radiant Skincare Review

May 19, 2016
Dr irma serum

Everyone is keep posting DR IRMA’s review and photos on instagram, blog, facebook and many more. Something new attracts my attention. Saw it on Elfira Loy’s instagram makes me feel “lagi nak cuba”. The formulation of “serum” , both of Vitamin C serum and BB serum foundation draw my attention to try it even more. After trying it for a week, now I am ready to share some of my thoughts on the products.


Dr irma's skin care
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